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Confused how to Keep Baby Warm Safely during the Winter.

I live in the northeast and winter is coming on quickly. I need to get something to keep baby warm when we go outside but I'm so confused by all the different products available and the different advice I'm reading. For example some people love the Bundle Me but I have read they are unsafe. I considered layering and a blanket but that does't seem like it would be enough on some days.

What is the best way to keep baby safe and warm when outside during the winter?

Re: Confused how to Keep Baby Warm Safely during the Winter.

  • I live in the  NE too.  I use a Bundle Me, and also put baby in a thick fuzzy hooded bunting over regular outfit, with a winter hat.  I really like the Bundle Me.  I used it with my son (now 5) and also using it with my newborn daughter (2 weeks old).  I'm just careful to make sure it tucked around her sides so it doesn't cover her face.  Have no issues with it whatsoever.  On really cold/windy days, I cover the top of infant car seat with a blanket when walking to/from car.  I have a couple of snow suits but never used them with my son...another option for times when you need to say outdoors for a longer period of time. 

  • I use the Bundle Me as well but only when the car seat is not in the car. So I use it for walking around outside. If it's a short trip to and from the car, I use a medium/heavy blanket to keep warm.
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  • Lots of good ideas on there! 

    Warm thin layers then cover with a blanket after being buckled in. No bulky coats/bunting and nothing should go between the baby. So the  Bundle Me's should not be used. Something that goes over top of the car seat like a car seat cover is OK. 
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  • I used the jj cole carseat cover that the PP linked and make sure to layer LO with an undershirt, shirt, light jacket socks booties and hat.


  • I Use the shower cap style bundle me (so nothing in between baby and car seat). I have DS2 dresses in a seasonally appropriate outfit, sometimes a little fleece outfit and a warm hat. When we get to the car, I unzip the top flap (so he doesn't get too hot and so it can't fall over his face if I were to stop short) and take off his hat.
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  • We live in western NY and we have been using a hat, warm blanket, and the car seat canopy. She stays toasty!
  • I have two little ones (4.5 and 1.5) live in New England and am a car seat tech - I have yet to freeze a child to death :-D  No to the Bundle Me, you're correct that they're not safe in the car.  Neither are heavy buntings or snow suits.  Typically we recommend single layer fleece in a well fitting size with hats/mittens and blankets over top.  The shower cap style covers people were talking about above are also an option.  
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  • Silly question..people always say dress baby in thin layers but layers means more than one which makes clothing thicker so how is that different than bunting ..suit..etc?
  • Layers of  thin material won't compress like a furry of puffy coat.    This is a great article about it and shows how much you have to loosen a harness for puffy things and that slack in an accident can be deadly.
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