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I just had my first ultrasound at the Physician's for Women of Greensboro Center--And I was just so pleased with my doctor and the care I received. I wanted to see if there were other Greensboro moms out there. I'm still relatively new to town, but I would love to discuss classes, doctors, hospitals, etc. with other moms in the area.

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  • I'm having my first ultrasound there on the 5th - I CANNOT wait!  I love my doctor there, even though I've only seen her twice.  When are you due?  I think I'll be due in mid/late July.  I don't really have much knowledge about pregnancy or anything like that (this is my first), but I can help with Greensboro-related things since you're new to town.
  • I'm due on July 7th, just had my 8 week chat with the OB nurse yesterday! She was also very helpful and sweet. This is my first baby too, so everything is just so new and overwhelming. We talked about vitamins, classes, potential problems to be aware of...even pediatricians for when the baby is born! Sooooo much information. Did the talk to you about an optional 13 week ultrasound? To detect wether or not your baby may have down syndrome? I've set up all my appointments already, but I´m unsure about that one.
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  • Wow - I can't wait to talk to them!  My husband and I have so many questions, especially about foods I can/can't eat.  There is so much online and a lot of it is contradictory.  When I first called to schedule my first appointment, they set me up with the first 3 - the first on 12/5 for the ultrasound confirmation, the second on 12/11 for bloodwork, and the third on 12/29 to talk to my doctor about other things.  I think they tried to ask if I wanted that 13 week appointment, but I told them to let me get through these first three and we can go from there.  I was pretty overwhelmed.  I would have to talk to my husband about that.  Usually we want to know everything we can, but this is a whole new ballgame.  We tried so hard to get this far, I don't know what I could handle.

    On another note, since I'm not talking to anyone else about this (we're keeping it a secret until Christmas), how are you feeling?  I look up symptoms all the time and it's always "different for every woman", but so far all I've got is sore boobs, tiredness, some mild cramping, and today I want to punch people (sorry if tmi).  I'm unhappily anticipating morning sickness, as it seems most people do get some level of nausea.  I just want to be able to eat tomorrow :).
  • Hey there! Sorry it too me so long to reply, my husband and I traveled to Atlanta for Thanksgiving--We're waiting until Christmas too! It was so hard to keep it a secret from our friends and family over Thanksgiving break...and my sister in law even called me out on not drinking, so she might suspect a thing or two. They all live in Florida, so we just had to get through these couple of days. I´m trying to find a cute gift to surprise them all with for Christmas. Are you doing some kind of big reveal?

    The most informative (and overwhelming) appointment so far has been with the OB nurse, she gives you all sorts of brochures to read, samples of different vitamins, hospital registration forms, etc., so much information that'll it'll take you at least a month to fully understand and digest it. I'm going to have switch out the prenatal vitamin I'm taking because it doesn't have enough iron in them (I started taking the gummy prenatal vitamins and I knew it was too good to be true!), I've read that some of them can get you nauseous or even constipated, so I'm not very excited about trying new ones. 

    On the topic of symptoms, I've had cramps and the sorest boobs (like, not being able to wear a bra kind of sore!). I am noticing now that I´m getting really sensitive to smells, no morning sickness or vomiting, but I can't handle really strong smells. My husband and I walked into a Zaxby's to use the restrooms during our road trip back from Thanksgiving and couldn't handle the fried food smell! I had to run out of there. I'll be 9 weeks on tuesday, and I'm kind of crossing my fingers that I won't get morning sickness at all, maybe we'll be one of the "lucky" few? :)
  • I have been combing the internet for ideas for a Christmas reveal, but nothing has jumped out at me.  My parents are already grandparents, so that won't be new, I can't see putting a "I'm going to be a big sister" shirt on my cat, and my whole family know we've been trying for over a year so it's not like it will be a huge surprise.  Of course if it were up to my husband, we would wait to tell anyone until something like February (he's being very cautious, which I understand, but at Christmas I'll be 10 weeks - I think we would know by then if something were wrong).  Have you thought of anything?

    Friday is our big day to see an ultrasound picture - hopefully we will hear a heartbeat!  I will only be 7 weeks tomorrow, so I'm not sure why they scheduled me in so early - usually people go a week or two later, right?  I wanted to ask you, if you don't mind - did you have a regular ultrasound or the one where they have to stick the probe inside you?  I should call and ask which one I'm going to get because I've read that if you get the regular one, you should have a full bladder.  I'm not sure my prenatals are the best - they're the cheapest ones I could find at Wal-Mart.

    Symptoms haven't changed too much for me, except I am peeing constantly and noticing that I am hungry a lot more, and when I'm hungry, that's when I feel sick.  So I try to keep something on my stomach.  And smells are definitely becoming an issue.  My friend and I had brunch the other day and she ordered a crab frittata.  I am not a seafood person anyways, but HOLY COW I wanted to throw it across the room!  Then yesterday at work my boss turned on her space heater and for some reason it smelled like fish.  The whole office was complaining from the smell and I had to sit with a candle directly under my nose.  I'm still hoping that the hungry nausea is the worst that happens - the bathrooms at work are clear across the building. 

    Do you know a lot of people who are pregnant?  It may just be my age, but I have several friends who just had babies, and I know 3 people right now who have just announced.  I guess it's one of those things you don't pay attention to until you're in a similar situation.
  • Your first ultrasound will be such a surreal and exciting experience! They'll have you undress from the waist down, so wear something easy to take off (I had a dress, tights and knee high boots with took forever to get undressed!). And yes, it'll be the ultrasound they insert vaginally. Honestly, it's nothing to fret over--I felt no discomfort at all. My husband, on the other hand, was in the room with us and you could see how confused and concerned he was by the entire process :) Unfortunately, you don't get to hear the heartbeat at 7 weeks, but you do get to see the flicker of the heartbeat . They'll confirm your due date based on your last period and the size of the fetus and then they'll take pictures. You can ask for as many as you want. Oh! And you won't need a full bladder, they ask if you need to go right before to make sure you're as comfortable as possible.

    So many of my friends are having babies these days. I can't open up my Facebook without seeing bump photos or baby pictures. I'm excited to share the news, I have a friend that'll be due the first week in July and she's already told absolutely everyone. We're trying to wait until we're 12 weeks, but according to everything I've read we should wait one week after we're out of the first trimester (Jan. 6th), we'll be 2 weeks early. 

    Next tuesday (10 weeks) I have an appointment to discuss the results of my blood work and urine sample with one of the doctors. I didn't realize that they switch out your doctors every visit so you get to meet them all. As I understood it, they do this to make sure you've met every doctor available since you won't know who's on-call when you go into labor. I thought it would be my same gynecologist. This makes me a bit nervous, since I somehow expected to have a more personal relationship with my physician. It seems to work out for most women, though.

  • I just got to see my baby!!!

    Apparently I'm a week farther along than I thought, so I'm actually 8 weeks today.  My due date is 7/17/15.  They said it had a great heart rate and looked healthy!  So my doctor said that Christmas would be safe to announce, even though I'll only be 11 weeks.  I am just so thrilled and anxious and overwhelmed all at once!

    I'm going back Thursday to have bloodwork done and probably give me all those brochures you were telling me about.  I'll also be getting a flu shot, though I haven't had one since I was a kid.  But they said I should get one because apparently the flu affects pregnant women worse.

    I'm still not feeling terrible, just hungry all the time.  I did think of an idea for the reveal, though.  I want to get a picture frame with 3 windows - put my baby picture in one, my husband's in the other, and the ultrasound picture in the 3rd.  I'll give one to my parents and one to his, and when the baby is born, they'll have a real picture to fill the 3rd window with.  It's kind of cheesy, but I think it would be a nice gift and a surprise. 

    My doctor was able to answer a lot of questions we had, which was nice, and I'm sure there will be plenty more along the way! 

    I hope your Tuesday appointment goes well!!
  • Hello,  I am in High Point.  Moved here a year ago.  I have a 9 year old, 6 year old and am pregnant, due May 17th.  Looking to meet new moms!!
    SS 6-13-99 DS 2-10-05 DS 4-28-08
  • Hi there! Welcome :)  You'll certainly be a great reference to talk to since we're both having our first babies in July! 
  • Hi!  Yes, tell us everything you can!
  • I just had the OB nurse appointment yesterday, and yes, super overwhelming!  She literally gave us a tote bag full of information and vitamin samples.  I started leafing through everything when I got home and had to put it down.  They also gave me a flu shot, took blood, made me pee in a cup, and I did go ahead and schedule the ultrasound to check for down's syndrome.  My husband and I decided that we would like to know everything we can, as long as the testing is safe. 

    Besides all of that, I am still not sick (yay!), just hungry, sore-boobed, and tired.  We go back on the 29th to see the doctor, and I believe at that point we will hear the heartbeat!

    I hope you both are doing well!
  • I have an appointment on the 29th too, that's when we scheduled the down syndrome ultrasound (I'm sure this ultrasound has more sophisticated, complicated name, but it doesn't seem to stick). 

    Kelchie, I messaged you before to let you know we finally heard the heartbeat! It was an unexpected surprise, on a day I thought would just be a regular pap smear check. 177 beats per minute! 

    Still no sickness on my end either. I used to have cramps, but it's a been a couple of weeks since I've felt any kind of discomfort. So far, so good! 
  • Maybe we'll "bump" into each other (sorry, couldn't resist)!

    Supergoose - I saw the message just now.  I didn't know about that feature on here.  But I sent you one back :)

    I am so happy for you!  I can't wait until the 29th! 

    We are still set to tell our families at Christmas - his on Christmas Eve, and mine on Christmas Day.  I gave up on the picture frame idea (scanned pictures of our old baby photos would not turn out well), so I just bought little gift card boxes (the nice tin ones) and put the ultrasound picture in them.  Each set of parents will get one.  I think that will get the message across, even if the picture will be 3 weeks old by that point. 
  • Hi Ladies!

    I just wanted to check in to see how everyone was doing now that the whirlwind of the Holidays and New Years is behind us.  I hope all Moms and Babies are doing well!
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