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New tradition?

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So my friend informed me that in her family they make a specialized piggy bank with the childs name on it, and put it out at the baby shower. She told me she had one made for my daughter, and it was up to me on weather I wanted to put it out for my guest to put something in it for her. I like the idea, its neat and new. However I dont have the slightest clue on how to introduce this, or if some ppl will think its tacky. Any ideas? What are your opinions? At the very least I will have a cool piggy bank for Hadley.
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Re: New tradition?

  • Thank you for your feedback ladies!
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  • Well this one takes the cake, even after reading the July 2015 shower post.
    OP, for the sake of your shower guests, please politely decline.
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  • WOW, I have never heard anything so tacky in my life. My jaw would drop if I walked into a shower and saw people stuffing checks into a piggy bank the mother put out. I would be so caught off guard and feel like I had to also put some money in it even though I just bought you the gift I could afford.  

    Like PP said, it's not a fundraiser.
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  • I think a personalized piggy bank is a darling gift for a child big enough to not want to put money in their mouth and choke...and to learn about saving money, etc.

    But for a baby that's not born yet? Yikes. I have never heard of this "tradition" before and think it is rude. Thank goodness she told you and didn't just put it out. That would have been so awkward.

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  • Ewwww how shameful! You're not homeless. Why on earth would you be begging for your friends' spare change??
  • God please no

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  • I would love it if they put it out and expected to get a ton of change and wound up with like 62cents in pennies.
  • Oh dear God, please don't give some people here any ideas. Pretty soon it will catch on and will be " common " where they live.
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  • Oooor you could get a blank piggy bank and have your guests help decorate it without any expectation of monetary donations. You could put a little money in yourself every month or two until kiddo is older. Then your child will have a nice piggy bank when they're old enough to learn about money. And nobody else will have had to pay for it.
  • You could put the bank out with little slips of paper and ask people to write messages or their wishes for the baby. Do not put it out begging for cash.
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