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Infertility Clinics in the Albany, NY Area

Hi Everyone!

My husband and I are starting to look at infertility clinics in the Albany, NY area and would like to hear your recommendations.

Thank you!



Re: Infertility Clinics in the Albany, NY Area

  • My SIL has gone to CNY for years with no results (3 IVFs) and no reason for their struggles (until recently when they wanted to do surrogacy and then all of a sudden CNY was wary of it...they would gladly take their money before, which is poor business practice, IMO). They are now awaiting their first appointment at Albany IVF and are appreciating their positive vibe so far. Albany IVF is actually cheaper (they have forced CNY to drive down prices because of the competition). SIL likened CNY to a one-size-fits-all place - all the same meds, same protocols, fingers crossed for results for everyone. That's not something she liked nor thinks is fair for the emotional and financial investment.

    Good luck - all the best to you!
  • I actually really liked CNY. I went to the Albany office. Very nice staff and Doctor Grossman was pleasant as well. I conceived my first child via IUI after trying (and using femara and clomid with TI) for 2 years. I haven't heard anything bad or good about Albany IVF. Best of luck to you.
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    Thank you ladies for all the information!

    After trying for almost two years and going through the preliminary fertility testing, I got my BFP Monday!! We are over the moon but are very cautious due to a miscarriage in the past.

    My husband had his semen analysis done at Albany IVF and they were really nice and supportive.

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