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Baby Shower Invites - Background Help!

I am hosting a baby shower in honor of my friends' new baby boy. It will be a mustaches/Mason Jar themed shower. What background do you like best? She added mostly green items to her registry.

The last image is what graphics will be put on the invite.

Re: Baby Shower Invites - Background Help!

  • Thanks Helena.

    I'm not sure what the obsession is either, I just found them as a theme on Pinterest and thought it was cute. I didn't know the graphics came with, and I'm using Mason Jars as decor from my wedding this year, so I decided to add that in.
    Helenahhandbasket[Deleted User]
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  • I like the gree gingham the best too
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  • If you're putting the mason jar tree on top of it use something as solid and simple as possible or it won't show up. If you are having text directly on the background I would say solid/simple for the same reason.
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