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Small mental health update

At my last talk therapy session, my therapist (who I have been seeing for 4 + years) recommended meds to help manage my anxiety.  I have been on meds before, and this isn't the first time she brought this up, but something just clicked for me and I decided to take her up on the offer of a referral.

Last night I met with the LPN that she referred me, and she prescribed me Klonipin, which I have taken before, but only "as needed".  The regimen is to take at least one daily, with the option to take up to 4. 

I picked up the prescription this morning and as we speak I have them in my hot little hand.  Anyone have any experience with this medication?  Good, bad, ugly? The last time I took it was back in 2010, and I remember nothing.



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Re: Small mental health update

  • I don't have experience with that drug, but I hope it helps!
  • I don't have experience with that drug but my SO does. It really helped him manage his anxiety for a while. He took two daily and is now down to one. He experienced relief relatively quickly. I hope it works for you. Big hugs!
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  • -auntie- said:
    Psychoactive meds should be prescribed by a psychiatrist. These are powerful medications and prescribing them is best done by a specialist. 

    I'm not even sure an LPN can dispense prescription medications under a doctor's orders in my state much less write prescriptions. Are you sure you didn't see a psychiatric trained Certified Nurse Practioner or Physicians Assistant? 

    Klonipin is a benzo and as such can create a physical and emotional dependence much as Valium or Xanax can. It is best prescribed for situational anxiety (death in the family, fear associated with flying, etc) or at a low dose while waiting for an SSRI to reach a theraputic level. 

    I have seen this drug derail decent people's lives. I would be very careful. You might want to talk to your PCP anout getting a referal to a psychiatrist or at least to the pharmacist to understand the risks associated with this medication.

    It is the current drug of choice of my niece who is an addict. Legally prescribed Konipin is the drug she was on when CPS took her DD into custody because she was too fucked up to care for her newborn. They eventually terminated her parental rights, in part because she just couldn't get the traction to do the work CPS required to regain custody. She was on it two years later when her DS was also taken from her.

    After my neighborhood was destroyed by a flood years ago, a number of my neighbors were given Klonipin to deal with the anxiety. A few of them became dependent and like my niece, developed a kind of inertia that impeded their abilities to advocate for themselves and sift through the process of dealing with FEMA, their insurance companies and contractors to start rebuilding. A few of them developed true addicitons to the drug which led to unemployment and a few divorces.

    Be careful with this.

    I'm sorry to hear about your niece, that's awful.

    Yes, in my state an LPN can dispense medication, even controlled substances.  She specializes in psychatric care, and has been working in the mental health field for 25 years.

    And yes, my anxiety is situational.  I am going through a divorce.


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  • I've been on Klonopin before when I was having a bad episode of panic disorder. In all honesty, it didn't do much for me then but my case was severe at the time (nearly hospitalized). It did make me a wee bit drowsy though so just be careful about taking it when you need to be able to drive until you know if it has the same effect on you. I really hope it helps, it's supposed to be strong and longer-acting than Xanax (same class of drugs). Good luck!
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  • (Backstory/reminder, I have bipolar) I am no longer allowed klonopin because I abuse it. It's also one of the medications I OD'ed on during my suicide attempt 5 years ago. Just be careful. It's very easy to take more than you need to. And now even 5 years later I have days where I feel like I'd do terrible things for it. Learning to manage my anxiety without it was HARD. Especially because there's nothing I can take now during an anxiety attack. I take wellbutrin daily for depression and that helps keep the anxiety mostly at bay, but not always. Like I said, just be careful. It's a slippery slope, even when you know better and think you will do better.
    I am so sorry to hear this, but glad you are doing better.  Thank you for sharing that.


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