Belly pain

I had my first c-section 2 weeks ago and the recovery is ok except my skin is painful to touch between my belly button and my insicion. The insicion itself isn't too bad. Anybody else experience this? Anything I can do to help/how long does it last?
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Re: Belly pain

  • Is it red or anything? My skin was numb but not painful.


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  • I also had numbness there, sorry you're having pain.

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  • I think as long as it's not red, and have fever, and your incision isn't oozing or smelly then it's ok. It wouldn't hurt to call your dr if you get too worried about it.
  • Went to the doctor today and she thinks it's the nerves starting to heal since everything looks good and my I incision itself is still fairly numb thanks for the help ladies!
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  • I had something like this too, but I had no issues or complications. I would ask your doctor about it just to be safe.
  • I had pain in that area after my first... and they said that it was because the scar inside didn't line up with the scar outside.
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