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Organic cereal recommendations

My pediatrician suggested I start introducing cereal to my son at 4 months. I am a FTM and looking for organic cereals and would appreciate recommendations.

Re: Organic cereal recommendations

  • Earth's Best?

    FWIW, my pediatrician told us we could skip cereal (was planning on it anyways) and to start solids closer to 6 months. 
  • I know, I'm not very excited about the cereals... I've seen some brown rice selections...

    I'm sure my ped. Will fill me in more at DS 4month appt.
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  • The organic ones really do smell/taste awful. My lo wouldn't touch it. I bought happy baby and ended up just with Gerber oatmeal.
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  • We use Earths Best and LO loves it.
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  • earth's best for us as well. LO enjoys it.
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