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Has anyone seen Dr. Reiter at Houston Perinatal Associates? If so, what was your experience? I believe he delivers at Texas Womans Hospital. Thank You very much..:)

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  • @Missikittie No, I've not seen or heard of Dr. Reiter but I wanted to reach out to you because I've not had much luck finding other moms-to-be in the Houston area. Hoping to connect with someone local. I'm 8w4d. Live in east downtown. What about you?

    My OB/GYN is Dr. Gunn and she delivers at Texas Woman's also. I'm not sure how this hospital is--I've heard good and bad...but that's with everything. This whole process feels like a crapshoot.

  • Thanks for your reply. I am currently seeing him now, and just wanted feedback from anyone that had him as their doctor. Good luck to you during your pregnacy. It seems to be going fast for me. I'm in my second trimester. I live outside of the Houston area. I've heard great things @ Texas Womans. It is a little far for me, but it will be worth it.
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  • Not heard of your doc however I'm a patient of Dr. Schnider of Women's Health Group who also delivers at Woman's Hospital. My aunt is a neo natal ICU nurse supervisor and has been for years. It's a great hospital. 
  • Thank you..:)
  • FYI I just had a procedure done as an out patient at the Womans Hospital. They were amazing, and I am so glad we are having our babies there. They have good security, and caring nurses. Also, Dr Reiter is great. I know I'm in the best of care for my high risk pregnancy. We are half way there!! :)
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