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Hey everyone, I have super nice friends and multiple people have casually mentioned throwing me a baby shower. It was generally in the excitement of me telling them I was pregnant.  I've just been really grateful and not expecting, but I'm a little confused if any of them are actually serious.  I'm due in March so I was just going to wait and not bring it up.  If someone else brings it up do I tell them that other people have offered or just say that I would love that and let everyone figure it out?  The people who have mentioned it are friends with each other but live in different cities.  If anything they would cohost not have multiple showers, but I don't want to tell them someone else had offered and then that person is like oh, yikes, did she think i was serious?


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  • Darbie914 said:
    I think your plan of waiting and not bringing it up is a good way to go.  It's still early yet so it's quite possibly that someone who did offer does intend to host a shower for you but hasn't started the planning yet.  Or maybe it's a surprise shower.

    If someone asks about a shower, you can just say that you don't know if a shower being planned and leave it at that.  If the person is curious, he/she will ask around.
    Ditto all of this, and definitely the 2nd paragraph.  People may have spoken out of excitement but then may later decided they couldn't handle organizing a shower. 
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  • I would definitely wait it out. Also, we're about to get to the totally madhouse time of year for pretty much everyone, so even if someone said something to you about hosting a shower and was serious, they're likely not going to even start thinking about it until after the new year. Showers really don't take that long to put together.

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  • Thank you for the reassurance! I guess I just needed some help phrasing a response, but that's perfect - I'll just seem unsure and grateful.
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