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Winter coat dilemma

Here in New England, our winters can be pretty wretched. I'm trying to decide on a winter coat for DS, who is 3.5 years old. I'm between a down jacket and a 3 in 1 jacket with fleece liner. The price on both is comparable. Which do you think is the better choice and why?
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Re: Winter coat dilemma

  • I vote the opposite! I always think down feels warmer. My kids already have fleeces, and zipping the fleece in and out of the three-in-one is a hassle anyway. I'm in Wisconsin and I look for down every year. 
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  • I've done both, really.  For in the car you need something thin, like a fleece so the 3 in 1s are great for that if you're in and out of the car a lot (or sometimes we leave the shell at daycare for outside time).  But last year I did just a puffer coat for playing outside because he wore one of his plain old regular fleeces in the car.
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    Holy cow they make 3 in 1's.  lol.  Where have I been!  I can't get my son to wear his big/warm jacket to save my life.  All he will wear is a fleece and if I'm lucky his hat.  I bought him a down last year and he hated it.  Too big/puffy.  Then this year I got him thinner version that he picked from Gap website and he usually won't wear that either.
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