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Halloween Bump Costumes - Let's See Em!!

Let's See Em' Ladies !!!

Here I am as Kim Kardashian circa 2013 Met Gala




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Re: Halloween Bump Costumes - Let's See Em!!

  • You all are SO CUTE!! I'm not dressed up but now I wish I would be!!
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  • @moroccojade - No, we don't celebrate either. I was just wondering if there was a special significance to her costume.

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  • One of my students told me I should be humpty dumpty--where a white shirt and cut out some face pieces, then make a wall that I could hang by strings or suspenders. I'm just not one to dress up. Cute idea though.
  • Yup. Another Halloween shirt that I wore to a my friend's son's Halloween birthday party!

    On Thursday, we had a costume dance party/concert for little kids in the library, which was adorable! I dressed up as Gerald and one of the other Children's Librarians dressed up as Piggie from Mo Williams' Elephant and Piggie kids books and the kids loved it! 
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