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Mommy Thumb and Surgery

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone out there had the surgery for Mommy Thumb (De quervain's tenosynovitis) surgery, and if so, how difficult was it caring for you child.   My symptoms began the last month before I had my son.  I actually thought it was carpel tunnel.    After my son was born it got worse due to nursing, in both hands, to the point I was in tears when picking my baby up.   I got a cortisone injection and the pain immediately went away and I felt so wonderful, but came back with vengeance two months later.   I received my final shot at the 3 months after my 1st shot and now it is only back in my right hand, and getting worse by the day.    Simple tasks are so painful, plus my son is a lot bigger than he was....    I would like to have the surgery soon, since I am planning on one more little one, but I am concerned by the recovery and caring for my son.  My husband is a pilot so he is home for 2 weeks and than away for two weeks, so I am trying to figure out if surgery is the best option and feasible with a 7 month old.

Thanks so much!

Re: Mommy Thumb and Surgery

  • You poor thing- that sounds so painful!  What did your doctor say about activity restrictions after surgery?  I.e. is there a certain weight you can lift, and would you be in a splint?  Those are probably the things that would have the biggest impact on caring for your LO.
  • I believe its light lifting for 6-8 weeks.   Its not too bad.   I was just hoping to talk to someone who has had the surgery to either say - do it, you'll wonder why you waited so long or don't do it - I'm worse off than before.  LOL.  If I was not planning on having more kids, I think I'd just suck it up.   
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  • I guess you either have to bite the bullet and do it before LO gets even heavier... or wait a couple years until you don't need to pick him up very often.
  • I am sorry to hear that and hope you get better soon! My little one is also 7 months old and sometimes my wrist hurts from lifting him. I asked my older sister about it and she said it happened to her and that it goes away. Since then I have been working on consciously lifting him differently. I also recommend the following for you to try:
    1) whenever you lift your baby, keep your thumbs closed flush next to your pointer finger, and lift the weight using mostly the palms of your hands, not your fingers (this is how men lift weights)
    2) use a baby carrier instead of holding him more often
    3) lower inflammation in your body: drink green drinks, put an ice pack on sore areas, consider taking ibprofen, AND perhaps STOP Eating Wheat\\Gluten AND potatoes which may cause inflammation and arthritis.
    Get better soon, praying for you.

  • Thanks  so much for the advice CCupp.   I will def give it a try.   
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    I had DeQuervain's after my DD was born. It started pretty much immediately but I ignored it for forever. At first a doc I saw told me to wear a wrist brace and do PT - no improvement. Finally when she was about 5-6m old I went to see another doc and on the spot they said get a cortisone shot. And within a week all the pain was gone! Obviously i had to change the way I lifted her etc, but the inflamation and pain completely went away!
    The doc who solved my problem said in most cases surgery can be avoided. But even if they end up doing it, it is not a super complicated procedure. Don't know much about recovery, but hope you have luck with it!!
  • I regret to have no advice for you. Get well soon! 
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