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Autism Car Sticker

SO yesterday i was really tired and just kinda zoning out while waiting at a stoplight when I noticed a sticker on the SUV in front of me.  It was yellow and had the Autism ribbon on it.  Below the ribbon it said in bold letter "AUTISTIC CHILD IN CAR.  MAY NOT RESPOND TO VERBAL COMMANDS"

Even though DS has not been formally Dx'd, I felt this weird connection with this person in front of me.  Even a little over 2 years ago (right when I first had suspicions for DS at 20 months) I would not have taken a second glance at the sticker or may have thought-- wow, that must be hard.  Now I was having a completely different reaction.  I thought about it all the way home.  Despite all the advancement DS has made with speech, his receptive is still very low.  His hyperlexia is so amazing that the SLP sometimes actually writes what she says and he answers her when he could not answer when she spoke to him.  Its really weird.  He probably has over 200 sight words at this point and he can sound words out. However, he also doesn't respond to his name consistently.  It is scary because if I ever was separated from him I may not be able to find him even if he is within ear shot.  He doesn't even flinch sometimes when you say his name, so I know he is not ignoring me. 

Anyway, thought you guys could relate.

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