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  • @Econosaurus Many thanks for the recommendation! We haven't been to Scribe but I generally love Carneros chardonnay and pinot. Artesa has been my go-to in Carneros because I fell in love with Codorniu in Spain when I was 16, and also because they have an amazing, in-depth wine and cheese tasting. We will have to branch out and visit Scribe this time!
    It's a girl! Due November 22, 2014
  • Question: will I get a special parking pass? My guess is that Parker and I will drive my car to the hospital Monday night. My car won't leave until I do. So, will I have to pay for parking all 3 days?
    Baby "H" due November 7
    Fur mommy to Layla
    June 25, 2012image
    [Deleted User]MaelarahjenniCarebella
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