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Supply drop - 8 weeks pregnant

My DD is 7.5 months and about 3 weeks ago I started to notice a severe decrease in the amount of milk I would get during pumps. At the same time DD began getting really frustrated at the breast after 5 min or so of nursing.

At that time I added an extra pump, started eating oatmeal everyday and took fenugreek daily. To date I have seen no increase in my supply and I am very concerned that DD is not getting enough milk at each feeding.

Fast forward to last Friday and I decide to randomly take a pregnancy test. It was positive. We have had the pregnancy confirmed and I am 8 weeks along.

I am thinking the drop in my milk supply is a direct result of my being pregnant. I am thrilled about the pregnancy but heartbroken about my milk supply.

I am terrified that I will dry up and have to either switch to or supplement with formula. Our BF relationship has been so wonderful until now and I'm not ready for it to end.

Any advice, tips, or support in General will be so very appreciated :-)

Re: Supply drop - 8 weeks pregnant

  • I had a supply drop around that time in my pregnancy. My LO was older about 11 months so I burned through my freezer supply to get to 1 year EBF. That being said, I'm 25 weeks and still nursing LO. I am not sure how much she is getting as far as milk but we both love the bonding time.
    Unfortunately nothing can really offset a supply drop due to pregnancy. You could look into donated milk if needed and keep nursing if you want to. My friend became pregnant with an 8 month nursling and did have to switch to formula. Her son adjusted fine.
    Good luck with your BF and pregnancy!
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