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Hi ladies! This is a random question that I'm not sure where to post it at on TB as the vbac board seems quiet. I'm a FTM, but since I've had a uterine septum repair a lot of concerns for me are pretty much the same as having a vbac.  Today at my OB appointment (35w5d) I had a growth scan and to see what position lil man was in. My lil guy is breech and my OB discussed possibly doing a ECV (manual external rotation) in the next couple of weeks if LO stays breech. After discussing this, he thought it over with my septum surgery history and became more concerned about an increased risk of uterine rupture if we attempted the ECV. I also have an anterior placenta, which my doctor basically said can make an ECV trickier and sometimes prevents LO from turning on his own due to lack of room.

I'm just wondering if there are any ladies around who are planning a vbac or have had a vbac, and have discussed the ECV with their doctor or if there's anybody who has any information you're willing to share on this subject.

I will add that I'm aware LO can change position at any time. I'm going to start trying at-home positions that can help baby turn. The only other thing that I'm not entirely sure of, is that since my septum repair was done transvaginally instead of via laprascopy, I'm not really sure that the vbac stats are as accurate for me since I didn't have any uterine muscular wall cutting. Obviously I will do whatever is the safest route to get LO here, but I would really love to be able to do a vaginal birth if at all possible.

TIA ladies!

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