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transition from rock 'n play

STM or those with little ones older than mine or just ahead of me... When did you transition from overnight in rock 'n play to the crib?
My LO will be 6wks Saturday & has exclusively slept in hers since we got home from the hospital. Was there a reason for the switch? Age? Weight? Other?
She's still content in it for now just want to get an idea. Thanks for the help!

Re: transition from rock 'n play

  • We actually just started last night! She sleeps great in the rnp but was starting to develop a flat spot on her head. Because of that we want to start limiting her time in the rnp. She just turned 8 weeks. To make the transition easier and to reduce spit ups, we adjusted the mattress so it's at an incline. We also made little safety nest under the fitted sheet so she won't slide down.

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  • Our LO is 6 weeks and we started the transition last week. We now put him in the crib at night and he still sleeps in the RNP for naps. We didn't do anything special for the switch except break out the baby monitor which we hadn't needed when he was always in the room with us. LO made the transition no problem, and it's been great for DH and I to feel like we have some private space at night.
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  • Was just wondering the same thing I was going to start with putting him in there for naps and putting the mattress at an incline
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  • I think going to start next week. I'm super nervous he's not gonna sleep well but he seems to be getting a little scrunched in the rnp and I think he might like a little more space. He sleeps so good though.... Hope it goes smooth. I'll be stalking this thread!
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  • Earlier the better! We switched super early at 3 weeks and had no problem. It's nice when they're still this young bc you're gonna have to go in there at some point during the night to feed so you'll get to check on them then. Major bonus is you can put LO to bed in the crib in the evening, turn on the monitor, and have some alone time with the hubs for a couple hours before bed :) I have so many friends that are just starting to put their LO in the crib at like 12-18mo and are having a really rough time with it.
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  • DS was in the RNP until 5 months when he started showing signs of rolling and wanting to spread out. We didn't have any transition issues, so we were lucky. LO sleeps in one now, but I try to make her sleep flat in the PNP as well so when we transition it won't be a big deal.
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  • Thanks for all the info & tips ladies! I just remember when people were raving about RnP's, they mentioned they we're a life saver the first 6wks or so & things have been so smooth I haven't thought about moving her at nights.
    I let her sleep in all different places/positions during the day just to change it up & she seems pretty comfortable wherever, so that gives me hope :)
    Not sure we'll need to but @pshaortao what did you use to create the incline?
  • My husband is the one that made the incline but from what he told me, he used towels under one end of the crib and made sure it was really sturdy. He also used two hand towels and rubber bands to create an U-shape for LO to sit in so she can't slide down. 

    I believe he used this link if you want to check it out!

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  • Mine was in his RNP for 5.5 months! It was just so easy and he never slept through the night so I kept him there. I started him taking his naps in his crib first. Probably a month ahead of trying at night. We ended up with no transition issues once we moved him at night. It could be that he was older though so he was starting to sleep anywhere. I was psycho and slept on the floor in his room the first night which was completely unecessary!
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  • Thanks for the link. We're gonna try things out next week... In laws are in town so of there are issues I'll have "backup" so I can catch up on lost sleep ;)
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