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Morning only nurse

Hello ladies,

Hoping someone has input on this.  I EBF/pumped for 7 months, supplementing for months 7-10, and stopped pumping last month since I really wasn't getting much any more.  DS was still nursing morning and night, and on weekends.  I started getting the sense he was still hungry on the weekends, so I went to formula then as well, with just a morning and night nurse.  He's dropped the night nurse, so now i'm trying to figure out if he is actually getting any milk out of the morning nurse.  I never feel full or see any trace of milk.  He gets up around 5:00 a.m. and day care gives him breakfast at 7:30, so I'm just concerned that he's going 2.5 hours after waking without really eating, but I can't telll for sure.

Anyone have any insight on if you are generally still producing milk if your baby is only nursing 1x, sometimes 2x per day?


Re: Morning only nurse

  • I don't have any insight but I am in the exact same situation.  Around 8 months I started supplementing and about 3 weeks ago I stopped pumping (around 10.5 months). The first week or 2 I still nursed on the weekends, and then I started just nursing morning and night.  He always nurses at night for about 5-10 minutes, but last week he started not really nursing in the mornings (he'll start but only nurse for about 1 minute then pop off and play). I don't feel full, and have no idea if he's getting anything, but he seems happy so I don't worry about it.

    I don't know how your son is, but I know when mine is hungry, he's a beast, so I would assume either he's not that hungry in the AM, or he is getting enough.  That's the assumption I'm going on!
  • Those are good points.  He doesn't seem like he's unsatisfied in the morning.  But at least a couple of times a week he wakes up about 1- 1.5 hours before morning.  Like last night, I nursed him, tried to put him down, and he screamed until we gave him a bottle.  He drank 4 oz and went back to sleep. 2 hrs later he was up, nursed, and seemed fine, went to day care.

    That's another thing.  He WAS sleeping through the night but has recently been waking up, usually between 3:30 and 4:30.  But I supposed that could be teething, or growth spurt. But on the nights he does wake up, we usually end up giving him a bottle.

    I'll have to pay attention to how he is on the mornings after he slept through the night.  If he's fussy I guess then he needs more!
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