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How are you ladies relieving pelvic pressure/pain?

It seriously feels like this baby is pushing through the front of my pelvis. For cramps, I normally take a bath, but sitting is making things a little worse and stretching is a no go right now.

Aside from chiro/accupuncture, how are you ladies trying to find relief for pelvic pain and pressure?

Re: How are you ladies relieving pelvic pressure/pain?

  • I do a stretch I found on

    They have more stretches on
  • oops...

    They have more stretches on there for pelvic pain.  I also put my knees on a chair, hands on the floor and switch from elbows to hands (one elbow at a time).  That one helps A LOT.  Make sure you have someone there to spot you though.
  • I didn't even think to look at spinning babies. I am going to try those pelvic tilts but there is so much pain I am a little uncertain how I am going to maneuver myself off of the bed.
  • I agree hands and knees feels good. I curve my back as much as I can. It feels good to stretch it.
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  • It helped for a while. Now the pain is back again. I will have to tell my midwife about it Friday because this is a little intense.

    So, here's to more pelvic tilts.....
  • Prenatal yoga. I have been doing it for a while now and it does help. I was feeling pelvic pressure the past couple days, went to class last night and it helped a lot.

  • I tried a side lying inversion (I think that's the name) and that helped along with the pelvic tilt. I may try some yoga moves today if it comes back.

    I should also grab my exercise ball out from downstairs. I think sitting on that may help some, too.

    Thanks for all of your replies.
  • Hands and knees, butt in the air, doing those pelvic rocks. Seriously, hands and knees is the most comfortable position for me right now. I'd rather be on all fours than sitting on the couch. Sadly, I have zero upper body strength and my arms wimp out way too soon.
    I could fall asleep on all fours! (on my forearms) Actually, I think DH said I did fall asleep like that one night... 


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