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Teething pain and breastfeeding

My LO is only 5 months and showing early signs of teething. The last few nights (and a few daytime feedings) he has screamed and pulled off the breast. I try to switch sides and sometimes that works and sometimes he still refuses. I burp him and bounce him to release trapped air but he keeps screaming. He continually has his two fingers in his mouth and drools a bunch.
He also tugs at his ears or begins pulling behind his neck.

What should I do? I'm going back to work soon so he will be taking a bottle more often but I would like to Breast feed as much as possible until I go back. Anyone else deal with loss of appetite or breast refusal due to teething pain?
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Re: Teething pain and breastfeeding

  • This was a really short phase in my house and like you, it happened more frequently at night when there was less to distract him.  You could try offering him cooled teethers first and then nurse. Have you talked to Dr about possibly giving LO Tylenol if the pain is really bad?  kellymom.com has some other strategies you should check out.  During this time, I tried to BF more frequently during the day since our night sessions were so short.  It only lasted a few days for us.  GL!
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  • I second @casey78‌, if it lasts beyond a day or two or discomfort seems severe, I'd have LO checked for ear infection. Other symptoms can include runny nose, goopy eyes and fever.
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