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LO is outgrowing his newborn clothes so we are now buying 0-3 months. Most of the pants look long enough to fit a three year old! Anyone else notice that? I don't think my baby is particularly short but I feel like I need to pull these suckers up to his armpits!

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  • Yes! We are kind of in between newborn and 0-3. I've been ordering clothes online and it's frustrating how much 0-3 varies in size from brand to brand. But regardless of brand, the pants are huge. I've had to roll some down at the waist. LO was only growing in height in the 25th percentile at my last ped appt. so she is probably shorter, but not that short.
  • Both my kids are short so I feel this way all the time!! I never know if the pants are just truly long or my children are just that short. I think a combo of both. Newborn pants are still too long for my 9.5 week old! Ha ha!
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  • I've noticed the same frustrating! He's still wearing newborn pants simply because they're shorter.

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  • Koala kids from BRU fits nicely
  • Koala kids from BRU fits nicely

    I'll have to try those - I love Burt's Bees baby clothes but I feel like I could practically fit into them...we are also in cloth diapers which are bulky so my baby looks like he has a huge ass and high waisted extra long pants lol
  • Wow we are already in 3-6!
  • We just started fitting perfectly into nb sizes and 0-3 jammies are still big but they work as long as the zippers don't scrunch up around his face. The pants are seriously huge though. I suppose they do that because babies grow so much up to 3 months and they'll last longer but it still looks crazy. My thinking is that if the pants fall over his feet, then his feet stay a little warmer! ;)
  • I hang his clothes up and I've just started going by how low the feet hang!
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  • I have the opposite problem too. LO is tall and skinny and all of her pants look like capris :/
  • We're having the same problem with pants being way too big. She's been wearing the same three pairs of pants because she has one pair of newborn that fit well, and two pairs of 0-3 that aren't ridiculously big on her. With everything, she seems to be right in between newborn and 0-3 so that her newborn clothes look a little too small and the 0-3 look a little too big.

  • I've noticed that gerber brand clothes run really small, circo and Carter's are in the middle, and baby gap is a little big. Not sure if others would agree but I dress my baby according to that gauge. Some brands she wears NB, some 0-3.
  • DS is 7 weeks and is already in 3-6. He fits into some 6 months already. Our problem is he is so long. And he has big feet. So we have to go a little bigger for that.
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    Both my girls have toothpick legs!! So not only are LOs pants all too long, they just look huge!! So I'm just skipping pants and keeping her in bodysuits or blankets covering her.
    Poor DD1 has to wear tights and leggings because her little legs are normal length but so skinny!!

    Eta: LOs feet are really skinny and long. All the socks I'm getting are slipping right off her feet. Do any of y'all know any that might fit better??
  • Opposite problem here too! Most of LO's pants look like capris.

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  • I've got the opposite problem as well...her legs are super long so she's still in some NB onesies but all her pants are 0-3.
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