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anyone else's LO not all that happy when they are awake? My LO was seven weeks on Saturday and just isn't a happy guy when he's awake . If so, anything you've tried help?
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Re: not happy

  • Yes! I'd say my LO spends maybe 15% of her awake time happy, the rest she is crying and needs to be bounced or walked to calm down.
    The only things that I've found make her calm are baths and letting her lay on changing table with no diaper on and look at a toy.

    Glad I'm not alone on this, I was starting to think my kiddo was just an unhappy camper.
  • Happy to hear I'm not the only one too...he's the same exact way. Seems somewhat happy on the changing table and being bounced. Am hoping it's something he'll grow out of soon- would love to see smiles
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  • When my LO is awake and unhappy it's because she's bored. So I try different things until she's happy. Normally she loves to lay on her play mat or her bouncy chair. I just bought a baby k'tan so hopefully I will be able to wear her instead of carrying her when neither of those make her happy.
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  • We have been giving him bliss water and it made a big difference immediately. Otherwise bath's make for calmer evenings and nothing else has worked. I threaten him with his " thunder shirt" when he screams for hours on end. It's a swaddleme with arm holes. I just think he looks like a mental patient hence the joking threat. He hates it at first but it calms him down so he can sleep.
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  • So glad I'm not alone..felt like I was doing something wrong
  • I am in the same boat. I just came on here to post about this then saw the thread. I think I'm going to lose my mind. Even when I do find something that calms him it lasts maybe 5 minutes. I can't do anything for myself all day and it's frustrating. What's worse is thinking about sending him to daycare when I have to go back to work. If I'm about to go crazy how is someone that doesn't love my child going to handle him? It is making me nuts!
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  • Yeah, mine isn't usually happy either. He will normally have about an hour of time after he wakes up in the morning when he's pretty content. He hates laying on his back and being in his bouncy seat. He screams like he's being murdered during baths. Sometimes I can get him to be halfway content in the stroller if we're constantly moving. Basically he's only happy for long periods of time if he's being held, on his belly, or swaddled.  And usually he falls asleep during any of those things as long as he's fed and changed. He sleeps the majority of the time, which is okay with me because then he's not screaming. 

    I remember my DD going through a fussy phase like this too. I think it's pretty common for newborns. She improved around 8-12 weeks. Hoping the same thing happens for this little guy. 
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  • Mine is the same way. I'm supposed to start working from home in a week and I'm dreading it. I'm thinking sleeping when baby sleeps will become a thing of the past so I can actually get some work done. Makes me sad
  • My little guy( 6 weeks) is the same. Happy for a maybe 10 mins each time he's awake then pretty fussy. He likes his Playmat and sometimes the bouncy or swing. Otherwise he's only happy eating, sleeping or being held up over my shoulder
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    This makes me feel so much less alone. The past few days have been trying. She's 8 weeks tomorrow. She's most content on the kitchen table under the ceiling fan where she gets her diapers changed. The play mat help sometimes but never for long. And because she won't take a pacifier, I've resorted to letting her suck on my finger instead when I know she's just grumpy instead of hungry. This shall pass for all of us, we just gotta hang in there!

    ETA: for those familiar with wonder weeks, she was 6 days early so her second leap hasn't begun

  • This just made me feel so much better. I've been crying tonight along with DD because I'm so frustrated. I have to constantly hold her and be moving to make her happy and sometimes that doesn't even work. The Second I try to sit down she freaks out. I can't wait for this fussy phase to end. I'm exhausted!
  • I am sorry you all are dealing with the same thing but it is also so nice to hear it is not just me! It can be so overhelming and I feel bad wishing away time, but want him to be past this!
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  • I stood in front of the TV for 20 minutes while playing this: Baby Video while holding her legs, resting her back on my arms, and swinging her back and forth... it totally made her stop screaming... but it was the most exhausting part of my day I think.  
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  • Ugh. LO is so so unhappy. She's good for like 5-10 mins after I feed her. Then she freaks. She scratches and claws and pulls. I feel like shit. She gets okay in the bath, but as soon as I pull her out she upset again. She turns purple crying so hard. I stripped her down and put her on my chest hoping, but nothing... I'm so overwhelmed. I can't help her.
  • Both my.toddler and lo are unhappy right now..
  • I just survived a 12 hour screaming/ feeding frenzy and just wanted to tell everyone that you're doing a great job and I applaud everyone for just getting up each day and doing your best!!! DH just got back from out of town and took over and put on some sleep hypnosis track and I must say it's soothing after today. Remember to try somehow to get a few minutes to yourself each day to recharge. (Late intro'd as dukeangel10, switched accounts with the new app because... Technology... No sleep....)
  • My LO is 4 weeks old and I think he's suffering from overtiredness. He only slept 8 hours today since midnight. My husband and I are so frazzled by his extremely fussy behavior but I know it won't last forever.
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  • Dang I haven't been on here in a hot minute....but anywayssss- my son has been so insanely fussy for the past two weeks. Like screaming bloody murder every minute he is awake. It has been so trying. THEN my husband accidentally forgot to give him the vitamin d drops Tuesday and Wednesday night- & I had a COMPLETELY different baby on wed/thurs.

    I didn't make te connection until this morning when he was back to his fussy-ness and I asked if he had the drops last night. He did. We have been using the Enfamil drops...but I'm definitely switching to an all natural brand as I only just realized how much junk is in the Enfamil brand.

    I figured I'd post in case anyone else is in the same situation- it's worth a shot!

  • Both my.toddler and lo are unhappy right now..
    me too. i've had one or both crying all day, and toddler refused to nap. my head is about to explode. cant wait for the weekend so hubs can help out.
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  • Both my.toddler and lo are unhappy right now..

    me too. i've had one or both crying all day, and toddler refused to nap. my head is about to explode. cant wait for the weekend so hubs can help out.

    My hubs isn't off until Monday... And I'm sick on top of it all.
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