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5 day old - how long should he be feeding at breast?

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Re: 5 day old - how long should he be feeding at breast?

  • Watch the baby not the clock!
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  • My LO took 40 minutes to nurse every 2 hours at that age. My sister's LO is a month old and nurses one side for 20 minutes, falls asleep and wants the other side 45 minutes later. Every baby is so different and there is no one "right" answer. Congrats!

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  • It can seem like forever...you will soon be able to tell the difference between eating and just suckling for comfort. When they are just suckling, I would try to put a pacifier in to give yourself a break. And don't worry about paci/nursing confusion, I never had this happen and I gave DS2 a paci in the hospital b/c all he wanted to was suckle.

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  • It pretty much felt like LO nursed none stop at that age. 45 minute was not our of the norm. I remember LO's jaw trembling from exhaustion but he'd keep going!
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