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I'm a FTM and my LO is due on November 4th. Since we'll have such a new little baby, my in-laws are letting us decide where to do our Thanksgiving gathering this year. We can either do dinner at my ILs house (about a 45-minute drive away from us) or we can have his family (5 people) come over to our house. Going there, we have the option on leaving whenever we're ready and not having to worry about all the duties that come with hosting. Staying here though, I'll be able to BF more comfortably in LO's nursery, let LO sleep in his own bassinet, and we won't have to worry about the drive.

Does anyone have any experience with little babies during the holidays or advice to offer?

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  • Our DD#2 will be born about a week before Thanksgiving and we are forgoing any get togethers. No need to stress about seeing crowds, feeding in public or exposing baby to germs. MH's aunt and uncle who live about 30mins away will host dinner (usually we host) and grandparents are welcome to stop by our house to meet the baby. Also I am planning to pre order a ready meal from our local Fresh Market. Very excited about that part actually...
  •  We're due the same day! I think in your case, it depends on how much help the IL's would be willing to do if you were to have it at your house. Basically, you should be doing little to nothing yourself except caring for baby :) 

     If IL's are willing to bring food, or you are willing to order the meal, and dh can take care of the house prep-then having it at your house will probably be easier than a drive. If they are the type that expect to be waited on-do NOT host lol.

     We are going to my mom's, but they're 5 minutes away. And I have big kids who can do whatever she needs.
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    I would not have people over your house, no matter how much they say they will help out. It will be too much stress on you and your DH. I would tell your in laws that you will try to make it to their house, but there are too many unknowns now to commit. Honestly, you don't know how breastfeeding will be going for you, how mellow or fussy your baby will be, the severity of your baby blues, etc. see how you feel the week of thanksgiving and if you are up for a family gathering.

    I was originally due November 6 th, and my family is 5 hours away. I told them from the start that we wouldn't be visiting, but my parents (only) could come visit us the Friday after thanksgiving. DS 2 came 4 weeks early, and my family now wants us to make the trip. I told them we will have to play it by ear and that we may not know until the week of.
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  • If it was up to me, I would go to my IL. If baby needed to nurse, I would. If we needed to leave early to follow our routine, we would. Family should be pretty understanding.

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  • My IL's also live about 45 minutes away.  When DD was 3 weeks old they had a dinner because BIL and SIL came up to meet DD.  It was fine.  I went to bedroom upstairs to nurse and just brought extra clothes for me.  It was not a big deal.  I would plan to go there.  Having it your house would be stressful unless you absolutely knew you would have to do nothing and would be okay with doing nothing.  
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