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Pelvic pain with pregnancy 3

This is pregnancy 3 for me and I am having horrible stomach and pelvic pain. I have had 2 c-sections and know scar tissue is an issue but honestly the pain sometimes feels like early labor pains. Anyone have this experience before?
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Re: Pelvic pain with pregnancy 3

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    Yes....during my first trimester, the pains were horrible.  I was teaching at the time, and did a lot of walking throughout the school.   I would have to stop and lean on the wall sometimes they were so intense.  The good stopped by the end of the first trimester.  How far along are you?  I chalked it up to scar tissue too.  When the OB did my RCS, he did say I had a lot of scar tissue in there from my previous CS so I guess that was the case.  ETA:  It was also my third pregnancy, but my first was a vaginal delivery.

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  • Thanks so much. I am still early and my numbers are low so was wondering if it was a sign of ectopic or not. I had pain the last time around but nothing to this extreme. Yesterday I stayed in bed most of the day. But good to know it goes away!
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    I had RLP in the beginning along with scar tissue stretching. Pregnancy is hard on your body but I don't think you should be having pelvic pain early? Everyone is different tho, I think it would be a good idea to call your dr.

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