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Am I fighting a losing battle?

I got the Merina Oct 6th withing the week Lucas 7 months starting sleeping less and crying more to nurse. I thought growth spurt or teeth at first. Well nothing changed he is still in a crappy mood, sleeping is crappy. I starting taking fenugreek yesterday. Making cookies now, but is this a losing battle without removing the merina?

I'm nursing as often as he will let me. I nurse him to sleep so I try and wait for him to get a second letdown before unlatching him. At night he pretty much wakes to eat every 1-2 hours. His diaper is soaked in the morning but not really as wet as it should be during the day. Mornings he is in pretty good mood but the afternoon is when he starts to get pretty fussy. I don't ever pump so I can't be 100% sure that it is a supply issue other then my gut saying something is up. It's not his normal moods/temperament.

Sorry if this is all a mess on top of everything else my eyes still have not returned to normal so things get blurry still.

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Re: Am I fighting a losing battle?

  • This has been going on for three weeks?  What did your doctor say?  And is your baby gaining weight appropriately?

  • Yikes! I'd call an LC and your OB as well - that doesn't sound good for anyone :(. I don't think it's irretrievable, but may take some work to gain back your supply.
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  • I tried to convince myself that it is a growth spurt, or teething. 
    He hasn't been weighed since his 6 month well visit. 
    I don't have a great scale but I will weight him tomorrow even if I have to run to walmart and use every scale they have. 
    Going to call my OB monday. I was hoping it was something else. 
    I wanted to wait till he was a year old before getting the merina but our insurance was changing in Jan :(

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  • I would try to encourage more nursing during the day if possible, and try to reverse the pattern.  It seems your LO is doing most of the nursing at night?  Also, are you changing the diaper during the night?  I know it can be a pain, but if the diaper is really wet, maybe that could be some of the reason LO is waking?  I stopped diaper changes MOTN once LO was sleeping better, but if you're having so many wakings, maybe that could help?  GL!

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    I weighed him this morning. He is 17lbs 4 oz at his 6month check up he was 16 lbs 7oz so that is 12 oz in almost 2 months.

    He does like food but really doesn't eat that much maybe 2-4 oz

    I don't change the diaper through the night. It's worth a try. 

    He almost always gets a let down. 

    I'm trying not to freak out but with the lack of really wet diapers during the day it's hard.

    I really hope it's not a supply issue, I think the older I get the more paranoid I get. 
    I'm going to see if I can find a more sensitive scale later when he wakes up. 

    The only hope I have is that when he does nurse he seems happy when he is done. 

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  • I highly doubt the Mirena is the issue--I hear that 10% of mini-pill users will have supply issues but my LC told me that the Mirena isn't an issue.

    My initial reaction is what a PP wrote that perhaps he is nursing too much at night and thus not as hungry during the day. This may be why you're not seeing as many wet diapers. I don't have much advice on how to reverse that trend short of trying not to nurse so frequently at night which I'm sure has its own set of challenges. As PP mentioned the crying in MOTN could be teething or growth spurt and perhaps that triggered this frequent night feeding now.


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  •  I thought it was teething. Tried to convince myself of it. He shows no signs of teeth. So then I figured maybe he was getting sick or a growth spurt. 

    Well looks like it is a supply issue form the Mirena. My OB said very few women have supply issues with it. He said removing it has shown it to bounce back pretty quickly.

    Since the fenugreek has started working and the wet diapers have increased we will wait a bit before removing. He is hoping that the dip is temporary. Fingers crossed! 

    If I do need to keep taking fenugreek I can handle that. 

    I do believe I also had some reverse cycling going on but evident from last night with the increase milk their is no way he would of been able to stay in the one diaper over night with all the nursing he was doing before. I had to change him after 4 hours and he was soaked. Before I put him to bed at 7pm and didn't change him till 6-7 am and that diaper was just really wet compared to the two last night. 

    Thank you all for everything. 

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  • I had major supply issues with Mirena.  When I took it out, my supply bounced back within a week or so.
  • Small update again. 

    Last night Lucas slept 4 hour stretches, and he has been napping much better today. I'm going to go buy more fenugreek later today. I'm going to keep taking it till he is back to his normal self then maybe I might stop. I say might because I'm kinda of scared my milk will tank again.

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