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How to use GSE and looking for other yeast tips, please!

Hi all, I'm a FTM to a 4 week old baby boy and I have been battling a yeast infection of the breasts for close to 2 weeks now. I was initially put on diflucan 150mg, one tab now, then repeat dose 3 days later. Did two rounds of that and was given APNO, which I've been using for about 5 days now. LO does not have thrush and is showing no signs of infection. He was a NICU baby, so I had been exclusively pumping up til just before his discharge, then was only putting him to breast a couple of times a day. I noticed a foul odor from left breast 2 days after he got home and immediately started dumping that side, I have no idea if this is what has spared him so far, but I haven't given him left side milk since that day. However, now my good right breast is also showing signs of yeast, plus his demand for milk is increasing to pretty much match exactly what I pump on the one side, sometimes more, so I'm getting a little more frantic to fix this! Yesterday I was started on a stronger, longer round of diflucan- 200 mg daily x 7 days. Still using APNO, visited whole foods yesterday to pick up probiotics...BTW, does anyone know of a chewable or liquid form that works well? I've never used probiotics prior to this and I'm really bad with swallowing pills. I found a liquid probiotic, but was really confused by all the multiple kinds, all seemed to have different types of probiotics and I didn't know if some were better than others for this problem. I also found a soap there to wash my breasts with called "candida freedom." I don't know if it's just in my head, but after 2 washes with that, my breasts are at least feeling a little better. Maybe it just soothed them a bit. I also got the GSE while I was there, but I'm not sure how to use. I've read to apply topically, diluting 5-10 drops in 30 ml water, but others say they drink it. Is one method better than the other for this issue? I am open to ANY advice, please let me know what has worked for you! I don't want to stop giving my baby breastmilk and would love to actually start NURSING him!

Re: How to use GSE and looking for other yeast tips, please!

  • I use a pediatrician that has an NP/LC and when I had thrush, she said to just rub Monistat on my nipples and areola at night before LOs longest stretch of sleep.  She also said it didn't need to be wiped off or anything before I nursed next, since the skin would absorb it.  This really helped me with the Diflucan 7 day. They also put LO on Nystatin even though she didn't have any signs, so we wouldn't be passing it back and forth.  Don't have any advice on the grapefruit seed extract, but know how uncomfortable yeast is.  I will also say, I started to feel the thrush coming back a couple weeks after the Diflucan ran out, but after using the Monistat again, the feeling went away and it never progressed.  You also don't have to stop nursing because of thrush.  You want to be sure LO will be willing to nurse, and not get to used to the bottle.  Most women continue to nurse at the breast even with thrush if it isn't too uncomfortable.  GL!

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  • Thank you! I asked my son's pediatrician if he thought it was a good idea to treat him anyway, even though he has no symptoms, but he said no and told me it is very rare for a baby to have thrush without showing the white mouth patches or spots. I know most continue nursing with it anyway, but I feel horrible about likely passing it to him when he doesn't seem to have it already. I'm feeling really torn about it...I feel selfish putting him to breast just because it's what I want to do, but also feel crappy about the idea of just throwing in the towel on BFing and him missing out on the benefits of breastmilk and the sense of security it seems to bring babies. For now I'm still pumping and bottle feeding on the right and dumping left. Seems kind of useless at this point though, as the right breast seems infected now too...I suppose if I'm going to keep giving it to him, I may as well just put him to breast. On that note, my dr's nurse told me specifically not to wipe away the APNO prior to feeds and the directions on the label say the same, but the pharmacist told me he'd recommend cleaning it away before feeding. Anybody have info on this? I've been wiping it off prior to pumps. Also, is the GSE safe to leave on before feeding?
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  • OK, I did not have thrush, but thought for months that I did, so I've definitely tried almost everything out there!  Here is where I turned for almost all of my information:

    As for the GSE, I mixed it with 1 oz of distilled water and applied topically.  It can be drying, so start with just 5 drops.  You don't want to lead to cracked nipples!  If your nipples seem fine after a few days, you can increase the number of drops.  You can also use it in your laundry!  I never tried it internally. 

    Make sure you are washing your bras in really hot water and boiling your pump parts.  What I did was to use disposable breast pads and throw them away after every feed.  Perhaps excessive, but I wasn't taking any chances at the end. 

    Some other things you could try is eating raw garlic.  Smash the garlic 10-15 min before consumption for full benefits.  I ate it with peanut butter or honey and with a meal so it doesn't upset your tummy.  Any kind of exposure to open air will help.  I cut two holes in an old shirt and just walked around like that while in the house. 

    As for treating your son, the jury is still out on that.  Some say to treat others do not.  DS's pedi would not treat him, but my MW agreed to because she thought even without signs both need treatment.  My SIL who is a pedi and has also dealt with thrush herself thinks both need to be treated.  Her son did not show symptoms but still she treated him.  Nystatin would be the most traditional treatment, this medication has been around for a very long time and I felt comfortable using it even though DS did not have symptoms.  Gentian Violet is another possibility.  My SIL used this on her son and I tried it as well.  The easiest way to do it is to put it on a q-tip and let baby suck it off, it is a huge mess, but generally does the trick.  I've also heard of people breaking open a pro-biotic capsule and letting baby suck it off your finger (apparently it's a little sweet, so babies don't mind).  I haven't tried that one myself. 

    Don't wipe the APNO off.  I applied GSE after each feed and did not wipe off before next feed.

    Yeast is hard to beat, but don't give up!  Please let me know if I can be of any help!
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