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Recommend your toddler gloves/mittens

We went to an outdoor Halloween festival yesterday-and it was 58° but pretty windy. Poor M's hands were freeeeezing. Any kinds of gloves that you love? M is 18 months
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Re: Recommend your toddler gloves/mittens

  • Go with Mittens. Gloves involve getting fingers in the right places. I got two packs of the cheap stretchy ones from Kohls. So 6 sets. That way I had plenty for everyday use in case a pair gets misplaced.
  • We got fleece mittens and a matching hat from old navy. They stayed on better than I would have expected. You know, the one time a year it's cold enough here to warrant mittens.
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  • I'm with SAK.  I hate glove/mittens for kids.  The best pair I found was at Old Navy back with D was 2 or 3.  They are fleece mittens, but there's velcro that lets the whole glove sort of split in half.  That way getting everything in and adjusted is easier and you can get the velcro pretty tight so they don't fall off. Also try to get some with the string that attaches the two gloves together or get those clips that you can attach them to LO's coat.  We lost so many pairs at DC before I discovered that trick. 
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  • We have the columbia toddler fast trek mittens - have used them a few times and they work well and stay on.  The thumb part is too long right now, so I just make sure her whole hand is in the glove part and then fold the thumb piece down and tuck it in the wrist of her coat.
  • .It was a lot of fun @theultimatesak‌ ! It was close enough to walk-and there were a good amount of people for how windy it was. Free food, games, a horse drawn wagon ride-M loved it!
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  • @clldll doesOld Navy still make those? I just looked online and what I found looks like what we have already (no Velcro). ButI don't even know ifhe'll keep mittens on. Or walk in boots. He's protested both so far....
  • I agree they all suck. The best I have found is crocheting my own. They probably only take 20 min to make if you know how to read a pattern. I make the part that goes over the wrist extra long to help keep them on, and then attach the two mittens together with a chain stitch so that they can stay threaded through the jacket so I don't lose one all the time.
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  • I've just been thinking that I might knit a pair of fingerless hand warmers for DS, with a little hole for the thumb. It doesn't usually go below freezing where we are, so hopefully that would be enough for him.

    Not sure what we'll do when we take him to visit grandparents in New England, though.
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