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baby slippers, Zutano?

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Do Zutano booties stay on really well?  And do they hold up well?  DD#1 and DD#2 were really good at keeping their socks on.  But DD#3 will not keep anything on her feet.  When we go out and about we do Robeez, which stay on ok.  But I want something for around the house and bedtime b/c her little bare feet get soo cold now that it's cooler in the house.

ETA: I am open to suggestions.  Not just opinions on Zutanos.  I was just throwing those out b/c they are one brand I was considering.

Re: baby slippers, Zutano?

  • Do you mean the fleece booties with the ankle snaps? If so YES I LOVED THEM! That's what I put DS in before he was walking and they were really amazing. I'm getting some little ones for next baby.
  • I have "socks on". They really work and are fairly inexpensive.$6-$7. You can find them on amazon, only other place I've seen them is a local pharmacy.
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  • LOVED them! They stayed on really well when she was tiny


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