Woman finds out she's pregnant, delivers mono/mono twins same day

HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? A freaking blind person could tell that I'm pregnant, and I'm only 28 weeks. How fortunate that the babies are in good health. What a shocker!
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Re: Woman finds out she's pregnant, delivers mono/mono twins same day

  • I saw that last night on my facebook feed.  I really don't understand how a woman can be pregnant with twins and not know.  My uterus felt like a rave was being thrown in it from 20 weeks onward when I first started to feel mine moving.
    No kidding. You can even see my belly moving from across the room. Maybe she thought she just had a really large tapeworm.
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  • This is so not even close to possible (though I guess it is?). Talk about some serious pregnancy denial! I was WADDLING by 26 weeks! I need to see a picture of this woman - either she's teeny tiny and gained just a few lbs or she's HUGE and didn't notice a massive weight gain. 

    Baby B kicked me so much I still feel like my ribs are bruised! 

    A friend of mine was 20 weeks pregnant with twins when she found out she was pregnant. She thought she was gaining weight from being in medical school. LOL!!! 
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    Both had a 9 APGAR score with no NICU time
    Planned unscheduled C-Section due to both being breech
    We all went home on Jan 6th, 2 days after surgery

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  • I usually like to give one the benefit of the doubt..... but I don't know if I can buy this. These kids have been noticeably moving from 24 weeks, and I mean noticeable to EVERYONE.
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  • Wow that's crazy, and that they were healthy and both a good size.


    bfp#4 3/19/2014 edd 12/1/2014 please let this be the one!

    beta @ 5w0d = 12,026! u/s 4/22/14 @ 8w1d it's twins!

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  • I thought the same thing, "how do you not know you are pregnant with twins???" And she was 6 months along too! Craziness..

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  • She looks like a tiny woman. The only
    Thing I can think is that combined with it maybe being her first pregnancy? I had anterior placentas and did not feel a lot of movement with mine until the very end. Thank god they seem to be doing well and healthy!

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  • @marie8elise She was more than 6 months! She was 34 weeks! I just cannot imagine not feeling or suspecting anything for 34 weeks of a twin pregnancy. Mind boggling.
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  • @spoonleg‌ that's even crazier then! I could definitely feel kicks and movement before 20 weeks! And there was no mistaking I was pregnant at 34 weeks. I know ppl carry differently but still!

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  • My FILs gf has triplets and says she didn't know she was pregnant until 4 months, I asked: were you showing? Her: yea I was big....I'm sorry I just have a hard time relating to that. I think its a little ridiculous being that she is a smoker so probably was still smoking since she "didn't think she was preg" how do you not even take a test before your 4mo with triplets!
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    FET#2 Tentative Sched: Start meds CD1=Feb 1, ET= Feb 19-20
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              BFN- Chemical preg
    FET#3 CD1-4/11, start Injections on CD13, ET scheduled- 4/29
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    ((Thank you LORD, praying these LO grow, grow, grow!)) 
    **Due date Jan 14th- Boy/Girl twins**


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