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1st birthday party invite etiqutte

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Hi moms!
My daughter is having her first birthday at Gymboree in December.  We decided to do it there because she liked the classes we did, and  it was a fun social thing to do with her since I work full time.  Since this type of 1st birthday is more for the kids (versus one at home with just close family), I started putting together the guest list and ran into some issues.  Who should I be inviting?

Re: 1st birthday party invite etiqutte

  • We cancelled gymboree and are doing it at home:) less stressful
  • Part of the reason why parents seem to invite 'any kid their childs age', is because this is also a chance to start encouraging your child to build relationships with the other kids. My sister-in-law invited some of her friends' children to my nieces first birthday - most of which had rarely even played with her daughter, obviously because she was turning one - and now (she's 3) she plays with most of the kids that were invited on a regular basis. 
    Sometimes as a mom we have to do the uncomfortable thing of inviting kids we don't really know, to provide good learning experiences and opportunities for our kids to learn and grow.
    If you're ever worried about coming across 'gift grabby' you can always put a note at the bottom of your invite that says its an open party and they don't have to bring a gift. 
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