What's in your weekend?

Hi ladies, I always enjoy hearing what's going on in your lives, so I'm thinking of trying to make this a weekly post.  What are you up to this fine fall weekend?


Tonight we are headed to a fundraiser for a shelter.  It's an amazingly fun event and the gals from our doggie daycare are exicted to meet our human baby for the first time!  On Saturday there is a big event for foster/ adoptive families at a pumpkin farm near us, so we are headed to that.  I've talked with a lot of families online, but this will be the first time we will get to meet many of them. Plus, little E's older brother and sister will be there and we always love spending time with them.  On Sunday we are having our parents over to share the gender of our little minion.  It will be nice to have that out, as I know my mom is chomping at the bit to know!



Re: What's in your weekend?

  • I love pumpkin farms! that will be so fun!

    tonight we are going to my nephews' high school football game. it's a huge rivalry and the game of the week on the tv station where we're from. high school football is such a big thing in the south and I love it! go bearcats!

    tomorrow is the German festival at the Catholic Church as part of our town's Oktoberfest. during German festival, we literally play bingo allllll day in the church gym. my family looks forward to it and does it together every year. it's so fun and you can win some awesome prizes!

    hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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  • We are laying low tonight. Tomorrow, we have a big college football game to watch, then heading to my brother's for my Mom's birthday party, then heading to the drive in to watch some scary movies! Sunday we are going to the pumpkin patch with the in laws. It's a busy weekend, but should be fun! 
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  • I like this thread!

    Oh, drive- in... That may be happening for a date night tomorrow. Tonight I'm babysitting cause I can't say no (which puts me getting home 18 hours after I left).

    Tomorrow is the bday party for the twins I keep so helping most of the day. I love these boys dearly, so I'm really excited.

    Sun after church I'm meeting the local birthmom for the first time in person. We've been texting a lot and are like-minded.
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