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Poop issues.

Lo is 4 months and ebf. She's been pooping once a week for a few weeks. I've tried two oz of pear juice and it's not working. She's not in pain. Should I stop worrying? When it does come out its like peanut butteI'm r.

Re: Poop issues.

  • I just went to GI doc yesterday for my 3.5 mo old. She's on a suppository a day (unless she poops on her own) and a tsp. of miralax a day. (Even with the miralax she was only going 1x a week at best!!!)
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  • My LO went about a week without pooping when she was 4 months and was EBF.  She wasn't in pain.  I called the Dr to see what they had to say.  They said that it was around this age their stomachs start changing a bit, and they can feel the need to poop and control it more (i.e. hold it in).  They also said it wasn't unusual for BF babies to go longer (although this wasn't my experience).  She ended up pooping on her own and went back to normal.

    At 5.5 months we started supplementing with 1-2 bottles of formula a day and started solids and then she was in pain from not pooping.  It took a few days for her to go, but she was crying in pain.  It took a week of prune juice, pears, and switching formulas to work itself out.  Now she is back to going regularly.  Although they are the green thick, disgusting poops now...yuck

    Point being, if she isn't in pain, I say she is fine.  If she is in pain, then that is a different story
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