Baby Showers

Shower Update!

So, the baby shower was last weekend glad it's over and done with!

To start with my co-host was almost an hour late because her mani-pedi  appointment  ran late (yeah).  My hubby, who came with me to help unload things from the car, stayed and helped me set up tables and such.  When CH got there she started talking about moving things from where I had them and I kind of stated that the time to discuss that was an hour ago when she was supposed to be there and there was no time to mess with stuff that was already done.  She wasn't happy but we only had about half an hour left to get ready so she let it go.  I was glad I had brought lots of extra trays,etc, because she was planning to put her food on the tables in plastic containers, baggies and cracker boxes. This I do not get - I know for a fact she has dozens of serving pieces in her cabinets.

The aunt who wanted control in the very beginning and called us "figureheads" had a total case of stinkface the whole time and criticized almost everything, but never quite within earshot.  Funny because everyone else told us what a beautiful and fun shower it was. :(  The MTB was gracious and appreciative.  Her mother brought five family members with her without notice and who were not invited.  Her reasoning was they couldn't make it to her family's shower.  Sadly though we had made extra favours we were one short and as much as I would have loved for Momma to not get one, my niece quietly volunteered to forgo one.  There was no piñata or strange theme, and overall things went pretty well.  That said that is the LAST family shower I host!

Thanks so much to everyone who offered advice, a shoulder to laugh maniacally on, and just listened to my insanity!!!


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