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Im back! Crittenden hosptial in rochester hills anyone?

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Ok long story short my first pregnancy didnt stick and while truly appreciated you doctor referral (I did check back once or twice because we still wanted kids) we've decided to go with Crittenden in rochester hills since its so close to our new home. So can anyone from that area that can recommend a good doctor. Preferably a women but it doesnt have to be.
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Re: Im back! Crittenden hosptial in rochester hills anyone?

  • You looking for OB or midwife? Or just a GP? I went with the womens excellence (in midwifery) but they also have an OB practice. The midwives are all women, not sure about the OB office. My best friend had a great experience with the OB and another friend and myself just love Tina our midwife. Welcome back :) 
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  • Hello, I am new to this board. I mostly hang out on the May 2014 board. I just delivered at Crittenton in May and my ob is Dr. Amy Wright. Her office is on Squirrel Rd. Across from OU. I really like her and I really liked Crittenton! There is also Dr. Jordan who assisted Dr. Wright with my delivery and I really liked her also :)
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  • Hey! I was wondering (if this post is still active) if anyone who gave birth at Crittenton could go into more detail as to why they did or did not like it there. I'm thinking I want to go there (first time mom btw) and I'd love to hear your opinions!
  • I see Dr. Kim Gumbrecht from Contemporary Obstetrics and Gynecology. She delivers out of Crittenton and sees patients in Rochester, Oxford, and Washington. She is awesome!
  • I went to contemporary ob and had a miscarriage at crittenton and let me tell you I will NOT be delivering there. Even though I live right next to it, I'm choosing Beaumont instead. At contemporary, after my first visit I was told to wait in the waiting room for a sonogram, then the doctor WENT ON LUNCH without telling anybody at all! I sat there for two hours before getting in to see anyone -.-
    Secondly when I was miscarrying at crittenton I was treated terribly! They shoved me in a back corner outside of a room behind a door and forgot me. I constantly went to the nurses station (sent my husband as I was supposed to be resting) and my response was "Oh! We didn't even know you were still here!" It took 7 hours for them to give me NO answers at all. Furthermore they took me in for a sonogram and the tech was COMPLETELY rude and uneducated. She looked at my (really long) name and made a face. I knew it was because of my middle eastern heritage so I explained that that is where my name came from. She then asked what the last date of my menstrual period was and I told her 9/11. She then proceeded with a disgusted look on her face to say, "wow. 9/11 AND you're Arab." As if I'd chosen the day to celebrate some twisted fantasy of mine.

    All I can say is if I were you I'd choose a different hospital. I was born at crittenton and over the years it just goes further and further down the tubes.
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