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Embryo Grades (Feeling Discouraged)

I received this yesterday explaining the grades of both embryos transferred and the 3 that made it to freeze. 
Not feeling all that positive, but still trying to remain hopeful. Currently 5dp5dt. Beta on 10/6. Trying my best to do beta or bust! 

One embryo was a 3BC, this is considered a fair quality embryo, and the other embryo was a 2BB, also considered a fair quality embryo. Our grading system for blastocysts works as follows: The number just relates to how expanded the embryo is. Three means the embryo is mostly expanded and a two means the embryo is partly expanded . The first letter relates to the inner cell mass and the second letter relates to the trophectoderm. A's are good, B's are fair, and C's are poor. 
The three embryos frozen on Day 6 were graded as such: 4BC, 4CC and 4CC.
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Re: Embryo Grades (Feeling Discouraged)

  • Chin up! Your RE and embryologist felt strongly enough about your "kids", so have faith in that. That the 3 made it to freeze is great, AND you have 2 little ones burrowing in now!

    FX-- congrats on being PUPO! Good luck with holding out for beta! I'm not there yet...I'm not sure how I'll be after FET, or if I will be able to hold out. Keep us posted-- can't wait to hear the news of a BFP :)


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  • Bandy514 I was just wondering today if you'd poas a yet. I knew our ET's were close but you're a couple days behind me. I stupidly poas yesterday at 6dp5dt and BFN. Totally regretted it. But still holding out hope it was too early. So I'm becoming a fan of beta or bust!

    I agree with @Katers79. Your RE must've felt good about them! FX!

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    Try not to worry too much about the grading! I know that's easier said than done.

    My RE told me that the embryo we transferred was a significantly higher rating than any of the embryos that other ladies in my cycle group transferred. They all got pregnant, I didn't.


    Good luck! Fingers crossed for you!

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    All welcome!
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