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New mom - Crazy Life

I have a 6mo girl and we live a normal life. She's pretty happy but mommy (me) is going crazy!!!
I haven't fit in this new life. I'm a very organized person but everything in my house and life is upside down. My baby sleeps very well and she's great but I still waiting the "click" sound in this new fase of my life.
Please, let me know about any books or advices!

Re: New mom - Crazy Life

  • Wow, you posted my thoughts! (but took out all the negative self talk I have been giving myself about this)

    People tell me this is normal, but that hasn't really made me feel better.  Because I do feel like I am going crazy and need it fixed now. 

    Hopefully someone can give you some advice that I can use as well. 

  • I too, was super stressed.  But I've slowly realized that not getting to everything in one day is okay too.  I don't mind leaving a stack of dishes for the following day or only doing laundry once a week.  I've learned to slow my roll, and I'm sure you will too.  :)
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  • I've found it helps to focus on what I did get done, rather than what I didn't.  So if there's a stack of laundry that's been sitting in the living room for two days waiting to be folded, BUT, I showered and took the baby for a walk, that's still a win in my book!  And every day we don't eat takeout for dinner is also a win!
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