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Working during the 1st trimester

i am 7 weeks 2 days.
Ugh. I feel terrible all day. Tired, nauseous, peeing all day, food aversions, super sensitive to smells.

I'm sitting at work right now thinking about how I'm going to pull this off today, let alone the next several weeks and several months.

Anyone else struggling?
Any tips?
When did you tell your work?
I want to go home.


Re: Working during the 1st trimester

  • I feel your pain! 
    I am 7 weeks and I feel awful all day, every day!

    I co-own a small business and it literally would not run without me so I have to go.

    I keep a trash can next to me to puke in and take breaks whenever I need.  I ask for help when needed.

    Probably depends on your boss and co-workers and if you feel safe telling them.  I was going to wait, but my symptoms were too bad I had to let them know.  But after knowing, they were really helpful

    good luck
  • I feel ya. Started a new job and found out I was pregnant a week later. It was a rough 12 weeks, but things got better right around 12 weeks. I found timing my snacks and tea were helpful. Hang in there!
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