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I have a daughter that is 2.5 years old and my wife is currently 6 weeks pregnant. I am 24 and I'm an assistant manager at Target. I like reading and amine and manga and long walks on the beach in the moonlight.....

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  • Welcome!!!  Looking forward to hearing more about you.  Any suggestions on Anime for my 10 and 12 year old?  We liked The Last Airbender and Study Ghibelli films (Spirited Away, Nausica, Howl's Moving Castle, etc).
  • Shaman king is fun and would be age appropriate. That's my username and profile pic right now. I was into when I was around 12.

    Some are the obvious ones I'm sure you've watched but I'm going to list them just in case haha.
    My neighbor Tortoro
    Full Metal Alchemist (maybe for a little older kids)
    Rave master

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  • How about Bleach and Trigun?
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  • Oh those are good and I'll check out the ones I haven't seem! Thanks!!
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