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interesting sibset

met a family w interesting names recently and thought I should share:

Prentice (g)
Tadgh (not sure on how they spell it)
Navy (g)

Re: interesting sibset

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    Lane is OK.

    I am not sure how I feel about the rest.  I usually like color names, but Navy doesn't work for me because of the connection to the US Navy.

    Hollan looks like it's missing a D.

    Park is strange to me-- but I sort of dig Parker.



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    Yeah, I hear you @Helenahhandbasket‌
    I was pretty fascinated. I kind of like Navy in a gp kind of way-- we're Canadian so the US Navy didn't come to mind
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    Park followed by Lane just looks like she named her kids after street signs. I used to work with a Prentice, but he was male.
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    LOVE Tadhg.

    As for the rest... Park and Lane? Eh... I just can't. They are all too too much. I give up on trying to explain how and why I dislike the rest of this sibset.
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