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First appointment disappointment

I had my first visit Friday. Since I was 8w 4d I was expecting ultrasound or heartbeat Doppler. They did neither. They said they don't like to do heartbeat so early and u/s not addressed. I'm a little nervous since my symptoms kind of went away after 7w. They did draw blood so I guess if something was wrong with levels they would call today or tomorrow. Just makes me uneasy. Have to wait 4 weeks until week 12 for the heartbeat. Anyone else in the same boat?

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  • Honestly I use to feel the same way with my first pregnancy I had to wait till 12 weeks for an US. With this pregnancy I had an early scan and all it's done is make me worry sick. Take it one day at a time.
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  • My u/s is at 8.5 wks, but I know a lot of facilities don't do them until 15-20 wks.
    I'm sorry you were disappointed, though!
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  • Oh thanks ladies. I was worried this was unheard of. My last pregnancy had one done at 7 weeks. Different city and mostly for dating purposes. I might just call and check on my blood levels just to be sure!
  • My first apt is on Oct 21st and I will be 8 weeks. I already asked and they said no US will be done. We will just be chatting about family history and etc. I didn't ask when they typically do the first US but I will know more on Oct 21st. So I guess it is normal. Lame. But normal. haha
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  • I only had an u/s at 12 weeks bc I did the N/T scan. Had I not opted for that my only would have been at 20 weeks. They have to be done in a hospital, not my drs. office. I will most likely have a dating ultrasound this time around since it was a surprise baby and I'm not 100% how far along I am.

    And my doc said they avoid the heartbeat at the first appt because it's really hard to hear it that early (possible, but not always) and when you can't hear it it worries the mom. Your appt was completely normal (if a little disappointing). 
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  • It's kinda early for the Doppler to hear the heartbeat. If they had tried and not gotten anything you would have worried. Not having an us this early is fine especially if you aren't having any problems.
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  • Did they offer you the N/T scan or sequential screen? If so you would have an US at about 11-13 weeks. 
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  • I think a dating ultrasound at the 7-9 week mark is really important. Your "due date" is just an estimation based on your last period otherwise. This can be really important if you end up overdue. Without the dating ultrasound, you will not know if you are really over due or if you just ovulated late. I would call your clinic and ask about one. 

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  • This is very common. The majority of practices don't do a u/s until 12 weeks. Lots even wait until the a/s. If there's no reason to worry from your doctors perspective then I wouldn't stress it.


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  • My doc won't do an US till 18wks! So I just scheduled on at a local ultrasound place for tonight:) $150 and I get to see the baby and heartbeat:) so I recomind if ur going crazy not knowing I would schedule one
  • Btw I'm 9w2d
  • I won't get an u/s until the anatomy scan at 20 weeks. Also, my midwife won't try with the doppler until at least 10 weeks. Trying earlier can only cause worry if the doppler can't pick up the heartbeat.

    Hang in there. Having symptoms go away means nothing. I had no symptoms last time and everything was great.

  • I feel pretty good about my Dr. office's practice right about now.  I think everyone gets a dating u/s at first appt. between 8-10 weeks, and then another @ 12 weeks for the NT testing.  I then have the anatomy scan between 20-22 weeks, and with my previous two pregnancies, they've had me in for an u/s to just measure baby and fluid because I had GD.  I love getting to see my babies! 

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    YES! They didn't do an ultrasound on Friday when I was in - I was 8 weeks at that appointment. My doc attempted to hear the heartbeat externally, but didn't find it and said that he didn't expect to yet. I also have to wait until 12 weeks. In the meantime, I'm wondering how I'm going to get through the next 4 weeks without knowing if my baby is growing as expected, or even has a heartbeat. I can relate to your frustrations.

    ETA: I'm glad that other people are experiencing the same thing as me. I was getting a little jealous at seeing other people post very early ultrasounds and getting to hear the heartbeat already. At least I know that I'm not alone in this.

  • I'm getting one around 8 weeks, but it's optional. They asked when I made the appointment if I wanted an U/S to determine dating or not and I said yes. So, I don't think its a have to kind of thing. Good luck and hang in there though!!
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  • I still haven't been able to go to an appt. I had to go to my clinic to confirm pregnancy weeks ago, but then the process of getting me transferred to a prenatal facility took forever and I just made the appt a few days ago. No openings for 7 more weeks. Sometimes military health care saddens me. I'm not worried though, just eager. 
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