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International travel anyone?

Hello all, I am a part time lurker but have posted from time to time on different boards here on the bump. Just a little info from myself, I am a momma to my almost two year old daughter and currently 26 weeks pregnant. I am currently living over seas but am moving back to the States October 6th. I will almost be 28 weeks. My question is, does anyone have any experience traveling long (LOOONG) hauls with a toddler while in your second trimester? We have a 1 hr 45 min flight to Dubai, a 5 hour or so lay over, and then from Dubai to the States is an 18 hour flight. I feel so anxious but am thankfully traveling with my DH.
 I guess I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this kind of travel while pregnant/with a toddler. Any tips or advice would be GREATLY appreciated! I am looking for all the tips I can get in terms of comfort while on the plane and also entertainment for my DD. Thanks in advance :)


Re: International travel anyone?

  • Try the question on the toddler board as well. :) For us, we downloaded a bunch of apps on the ipad a few weeks before we left and gave DD a chance to familiarize herself with them. We also brought paper, crayons, a favorite book, a new book, a pillow pet.... Don't forget extra changes of clothes for both of you, and if you have any swaddling cloths from when your toddler was a baby, they're really convenient for travel as well. Good luck!
  • Thanks for the replies :)  And I'll go ahead and try on the toddler board as well. 


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  • Lots of little inexpensive toys (not too little that if they fall you will be like crazy looking for them), lots of snacks for you and toddler, lots of water. Get your toddler to walk around the airport as much as you can before boarding.
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  • No advice! But, I'm in the same boat...flying overseas with a toddler by myself while in my 2nd trimester (in November). Good luck & let me know if you have any good advice after the trip!! I did travel quite a few long haul trips while pregnant with my 1st. I wore compression socks, drank plenty of water, sat on the aisle & asked for help with my bags!
  • I just came back with a 2 year old from Australia. Bring lots of snacks and new toys they haven't seen yet. Get up and walk around when they want to as well. I put some toddler games on my iPad for my son to play with if he was getting really cranky with sitting for so long and it seemed to work. Good luck!
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