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PSA: Munire files for Bankruptcy

Just a FYI, 

For all you ladies looking at Munire & Echelon cribs the company filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday.  BuyBuy Baby is telling people that unless the cribs are physically in stock they won't be getting them.  The independent retailer I  looked at purchasing through said the company is not taking any more orders and cannot fulfill all the back orders they have since it is believed production has stopped.  
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Re: PSA: Munire files for Bankruptcy

  • This happened to my friend. She was already waiting for 4 months and then this came up. Truly sucks. Think her crib is in NJ but the rest of her furniture she will not get.

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  • We JUST got a re-order for our dresser on Thursday, and the delivery guys said they won't be fulfilling any more orders.  Feeling blessed we got our dresser, at least! 

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  • Oh no!!! I bought a Munire crib from BBBaby and it's sitting in nursery awaiting our baby next month. I don't like buying products and soon finding a company went belly up. Thanks for the tip!
  • Here's an article. Looks like their attempt to bring crib manufacturing back to the USA ate up too many resources:
  • Oh such a bummer! I really liked the options at BRU that were made in the US plant.
  • FYI: Babies r US ALSO told me that "baby cache" is downsizeing and that many of their cribs are on backordere for months, as well

    (I got mine in a timely fashion, but I guess certain models are backordered)
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