AW: We refinalized the boys' adoption this morning

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When you adopt from Peru, the adoptions are completely finalized in Peru. Which means that all our adoption paperwork and the boys' birth certificates are in Spanish and hard to replace.

States allow families like ours to refinalize the adoption in the US, so that we can get English, state-issued documents we can use instead of the Peruvian ones. This way, we don't have to worry about losing copies when we sign the boys up for school, activities, or just about anything else. The process also greatly limits any possible inheritance challenges in the future. In addition, it's highly unlikely M's birth certificate would ever had been challenged if it was US-issued, so going through this was of particular importance to us, to keep us from even having to go through a similar nightmare in the future.

It was awesome. We met with the judge and reaffirmed all the details in our filing and that we were petitioning to adopt the boys. Then the judge asked the boys if they understood what was happening and if they wanted us to remain their parents. They were able to go on the record officially and say that they wanted our family to stay just the way it is!

It was really sweet, and the judge gave them both teddy bears and posed for pictures with us. I loved going through the process again with no anxiety this time (except that I filed all the paperwork myself, without a lawyer, so we hoped everything was correctly done) and with the boys understanding more and feeling relaxed and loved, rather than nervous.

Yeah, us!
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Re: AW: We refinalized the boys' adoption this morning

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