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How did everything go today?  I was a little slow getting to work.  Thank God they don't mind if I am a little late. :) 

I have been back to work a few hours here and there for several weeks but it still was a little sad knowing I'm leaving her all day from here on out.  

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    Hey! I was also late today, only 15 minutes which is no big deal, but I really shouldn't make a habit of it. And I didn't even have to drop off the girls this morning (DH did)! It's definitely an adjustment getting into this new routine.

    But it's going many ways I'm happy to be back to work. I do really miss Kady especially, and I worry because she's not a big fan of taking bottles. But I made it through with Piper and now she is happy to go to daycare. It do think coming back to work is easier the second time around, though. I hope your day goes by quickly!

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    I didn't have to take Elena anywhere either.  My MIL and DH are taking turns with her until March since their business is slow.  It was really hard for me to get out of bed today, then getting my pump together, etc. 

    I am glad to be back too.  I need the adult interction.  I just worry that DH and MIL will be dilligent with her feeding/nap schedule and I feel bad constantly checking on them.  Hope your day goes quickly too!!

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