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Ft. Campbell pregnancy

Just had my OB orientation at BACH.  I was told they do not do 1st tri screening.  Anyone know if this is true?  I've thought about going off base but not sure who will see me. 41 and high risk. The LPN who did my orientation today told me they were VBAC friendly though.  Our chiropractor recommends Northcrest but she wasn't sure they would accept me (do they take Tricare?).  I'm not really sure what all I am asking.  I haven't been pregnant in 5yr so I feel like a newb all over again. 

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  • I had my youngest son off base in Clarksville.  I had a wonderful experience at Gateway but I don't know if my doc did VBACs.  I saw Lisa McIntosh at Women's Health Center of Clarksville.  Her and her husband are in practice together.  She did the 1st tri screening for me (over 2 years ago) and she had a portable ultrasound in her office that she almost always pulled in for my early appointments that she didn't bill for or charge to insurance.  We had an issue come up in our 1st tri bloodwork and she was quick to refer me to MFM in Nashville and they were also great.  I cannot remember that doctor's name though, I'm sorry!
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