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naps and pulling to stand

Hey ladies. I know I've been MIA for a couple months but I have an issue I could use some feedback on. Sorry in advance if you've already discussed this.

I am working with A on falling asleep on his own. Since he was 3 months old, I have stood next to his crib while he falls asleep, holding his hand, helping him keep his paci in, rubbing his belly, etc. I realize that it is probably past time to teach him to just fall asleep without me in the room, and I'm sure it will help with our nighttime sleep issues too (he is still not STTN). 

My problem is that he constantly pulls himself up to stand if I leave him alone in his crib. I have gone in and laid him back down about 10x for this nap alone and it has been over an hour. He's not crying but he is clearly exhausted. What do I do short of staying in the room with him?? 

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Re: naps and pulling to stand

  • If our LO isn't crying, buy is standing in her crib before nap or bed, we just leave her. She generally just lays down when she is tired enough.

    We don't do CIO, but we do allow a certain amount of fussing before we go back in the room.
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  • My concern with afternoon nap especially, though, is that I don't want him to nap too late in the day. I generally don't let him sleep past 5pm or it messes up his bedtime. But when I start nap at 3 (yes, he is tired enough -- he was about to doze off in the car when we pulled in the driveway 5 minutes earlier) and it takes him til 4:15 to actually fall asleep, my Type-A personality wants to take over and just get him to sleep so he can have some semblance of a nap left.  

    Do I just let go of that until he gets this thing down? Accept the fact that his schedule might be off until he graduates from baby boot camp?

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  • sands42 said:
    Agreed- if he's not crying... I'd leave him and see what happens! I don't know how you feel about having anything in the crib with him yet- but maybe a book or a toy and he may play with that then tire out and go to sleep? 

    He has a pacifier, his lovey, and a blanket in there with him. I'm not too strict about the "nothing in the crib" thing now that he's older.

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