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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Question from a lurker

I've been lurking since my cp early this month. We found out a week ago that my DHs sperm culture was positive for the enterococcus bacteria. Get is currently on antibiotics and we were told to wait one period because if the cp and now told to wait until we confirm via another culture that my DHs infection has cleared. We are seeing a urologist but not until the end of October as that was first appt. I'm concerned that I should be on antibiotics in case the infection spread to me via sex. My RE does not think I need antibiotics but also does not know if this could have caused my cp. I'm nervous that if I am infected I will have another miscarriage. Anyone deal with thus enterococcus bacteria and if so did you take meds as well. Any advice is appreciated.

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Re: Question from a lurker

  • I'm sorry I do not have any experience or advice with an issue like this. I just wanted to say I am sorry that you are having to go through this. I hope you are able to find the answers and reassurance you need soon.

    In general, though, not all infections can be spread through sexual contact, which may well be the case with this type of infection. So if your doctor doesn't think you are in any danger in that regard, there is no reason to necessarily doubt his expertise. But I understand why you want extra assurance in a case like this.

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