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Mother's intuition and baby's sex

For all you Team Green moms or early-on pregnancy moms, is your intuition telling you a guess at the baby's sex?
Or-- if you now know the sex, was your intuition correct?

I am feeling this one is a girl. 

Also-- having many of the same symptoms as with my DD:
- Not waking to pee, and no frequent urination (had that with my son from the moment I POAS)
- Boobs are on fire 70% of the day
- Craving cheeses, tomato anything, green olives
- The texture of chicken is odd to me
- Water tastes like metal
- Lower sexual drive (was higher when pg with my son, low with my daughter)

Re: Mother's intuition and baby's sex

  • With my first 3 girls I craved Mexican food non stop. Like 25hrs a day. I also had zero ms with them. This time around I have zero interest in Mexican (which is a fave even when not preggo) and I had ms up until around 11 weeks. I just knew this one was finally our boy. But the tech searched for 30 trying to find a peen and she is pretty certain we are having another girl. Although she was constantly moving the entire time, it was hard to find out for sure.
    I am still leaving tags on all clothes just incase she is wrong. Hubs thinks she was right but I still have doubts.
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  • @mandyreads- Can you get a second ultrasound, or maybe a 3D one to double-check?
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  • That was at our 18 week u/s. But now that I am being transferred over to a HR doctor the remainder of my pregnancy I am crossing fingers and toes I will have another one soon.
    Our pastor and his wife were told their 1st kid was 90% girl and she had her doubts too. Ended up being a boy. So I am not buying pink items like carseats and such.
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  • @mandyreads - Got it. Well...FX for you!
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    I knew I was having boy first time around no doubt. I was right. This time I was on the fence sometimes boy sometimes girl. I think because I had terrible ms.( girl?) then craved foods just like with son...but end up being girl! @mandyreads‌ my perintologist does u/s every visit. He just likes that over tape measure etc! So hopefully you get another one too!
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  • I felt like boy the first time and I was right (but you know, 50/50 odds aren't so bad!)

    I felt like girl this time and I was wrong!  In fact, MH was certain it was a girl too and he's been right 5 out of 5 times on his guesses for others and, naturally, he was wrong with this one. :)  We are still thrilled, obviously!
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  • I never had a strong feeling. We were team green first three and I really never knew what we were having. I thought our second was probably a girl just b/c I felt very similar to the first pregnancy, but he was a boy.
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  • @NicoleWI - Very interesting that you didn't really have a feeling about most of your children. Since I already have one of each from a previous marriage, I honestly don't care what we have. My DH, however, wants a boy to carry on his name (this will be his first child and only biological child). Me? I just want a healthy baby. My first pregnancy was scary, and second pregnancy was a little better but I still had some bad moments, so fingers crossed this third round goes smoothly.
  • I felt like it was a boy both times and was right (we found out around 13/14 weeks with both). 
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  • I was team green for my first.  I felt like she was a girl, and I was right. DH was convinced she was going to be a boy.  He sure cried when she came out.  lol

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  • I have no gut feelings about what gender LO is, but we have called LO 'him' accidentally several times.  We would be happy with either gender.
  •  I never have a strong feeling. This time, myself, dh and the kids all thought it was a boy, we were all convinced, and this pregnancy is so similar to my one with oldest DS. NOPE haha both mat21 and a/s show a girl!
  • We aren't going to find out the gender until the baby is born. This is our first. Most of my dreams, she is a girl but I had one dream that it was a boy. I have a feeling it is a girl but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  • We are going for our 4th surprise. I feel exactly the same as with my other three (all girls)! I feel like this LO is another girl, we will see in 35 days or so!

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  • The first time I was convinced from the second I found out that we were having a boy - I have no idea why.  DH guessed girl and would tell him it was a boy.  We had a boy.  With a second pregnancy I had the same strong feeling that it was a girl, it ended in MC so we never found out.  With this one, I thought girl again, but it wasn't a real strong feeling like the first two (with my son I felt so strongly about him being a boy that I would have been shocked if I was wrong), I think more wishful thinking that it would be nice to have one of each but in my head I would think it's probably another boy, we found out via M21 we're having a boy and I wasn't surprised. The pregnancy is completely different in terms of symptoms, etc. than my first with my son - but they're both boys.

  • We were team green. Both H and I thought LO was going to be a boy and we were both right.

    We had no reasoning behind it. Just had a strong feeling throughout the entire pregnancy.
  • With the first one I was convinced it was a boy because my thyroid levels went way off for the first two months... turned out it was a girl.  This time round... I have no idea.

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  • I keep thinking it's a boy, and the oh-so-predictive Chinese calendar thing says it's a boy - but my husband thinks it's a girl because "everyone seems to be having girls lately."

    We have no clue.  It really could be a baby tyrannosaurus for all we know...
  • @xilahn - Haha!
    You know...they way I'm ingesting tomato juice, I fully plan for this one to come out a full grown tomato!
  • Team Green this time around.  Found out with both my girls.  I 'think' this one may be a boy :)  I wasn't sick like I was with my girls, had weird food aversions I didn't have with them and I pee ALL THE TIME...I have from the get go!  I don't have a preference either way...just want a healthy baby....would love a boy for hubs though!

  • I thought both my boys were boys, and I was right. We will see what happens this time!

    My two boys are getting a surprise May 2015!

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  • With my son I felt it was a boy right away.  Thick lustrous hair, clear skin with a healthy glow, no nausea...All signs pointed to boy.  This time as soon as I was pregnant I felt it was a girl.  This pregnancy was completely different.  Sick for the first 3 months, hair fell out like crazy, acne like I have never had it before, skin dull and sallow.  I told my husband straight away it was a girl.  Bought baby girl clothes (boxes of second hand clothing) stroller, frilly travel crib, sheets etc...
    Went for my ultra sound, big reveal...BOY.  Yup, I felt like such a schmuck, my husband just smiled and said, "I hope he's comfortable in pink and lace."  Wow.  I was 100% convinced and so very wrong.

    I am thrilled to be having another boy.  I am still shaking my head.  Silly to have jumped the gun the way that I did...just goes to show, we don't always have the correct instincts ;)
  • With my first I was so convinced I was having a boy that I would have been shocked if the ultrasound tech told me it was a girl. I was right. With my second, I just knew that it was a girl. We found out at 20 weeks that I was right again. This time around, I have no feeling either way. I'll find out in four weeks or so (we're doing the MaterniT21 testing).
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